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  1. Hi Christopher, I'm a programmer looking for a team, this could be a nice game with a bit of storyline I would like to help if i can dougie
  2. doug25

    Programmer Starting team

    Will do. thanks I'll like to have a look at those ideas but there's no rush
  3. doug25

    Programmer Starting team

    Cool, sounds great
  4. doug25

    Programmer Starting team

    @ZeroUC OK, if you have any ideas for the game Let me know too!
  5. doug25

    Programmer Starting team

    good tracks, well done. very nice. if he wants to work on a new idea I'd be interested, I should add another role Designer I'm not that good at coming up with ideas always. I can probably do half of the programming depending on the complexity / length of the game Let me know if you want to take part @SonaScenic.
  6. doug25

    Programmer Starting team

    ok, good :), it doesn't have to be perfect, at least for now, have you got anything I can listen to? Welcome to the team
  7. Hi, I want to start a team with the goal of creating a simple game this will be good project experience for working together The game can be 2d or 3d, might have multiple programmers I'm thinking a medieval/Egyptian theme fantasy possibly I will want one or two writers if needed, and we all may contribute to the storyline I think characters and dialogue can work really well-Zelda,Diablo,Neverwinter nights for example Looking for Artist Writer Musician Programmer Sound ok? My name's dougie If you're interested contact me here on the forum or email me: sound_of_solos@hotmail.com, but beware I might not see your email because my inbox is loaded. I'm a C++ programmer and I use Unreal Engine as my engine of choice so I'll be the project lead most likely
  8. doug25


    I use Unreal Engine, I think C++ is the most reliable language there is, in terms of language syntax, object oriented programming I think is so much fun.
  9. Everybody here has played games they loved at some point what was in those games that you liked? Looking forward to hearing from you
  10. Take a look at this page https://github.com/microsoft/DirectXTK/wiki/Sprites-and-textures, the cat appears to have a transparent background
  11. doug25

    opengl 4.5

    Hi Phil67rpg Been a while since I've used OpenGL but you have to do something like this: To use shaders put the shader code in a text file save it to your computer, where the c++ files for your project are located And you can drag the txt file to your source folder inside visual studio, just click and drag, that's basically how you get started using sahders, then you have to write some more code opengl code of some sort to compile the shader, and actually use it in the same project, that's basically what shaders are, compiled text files that do some graphics operations, OpenGL 4.5 code: glCompileShader(your_shader_number) I believe the process is something similar, and here's some pages to help you understand OpenGL: https://www.khronos.org/registry/OpenGL-Refpages/gl4/
  12. Good question I would like to see where this goes
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