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  1. What should I do?
  2. doug25

    Animating Characters with DirectX

    Hi Buckeye, thanks for your constructive feedback   I've made modifications based on what you said   hopefully I've improved it   thanks everyone
  3. doug25

    Getting Ogre to work? vc2008

    Ah, I got it to work, I had to set the source code directory in cmake to the correct src code directory, I was setting it aimlessly to the sdk directory.  I just wasn't aware the src and sdk were different - but the instructions did say point to dir with OgreMain.  Now I'm using OgreSDK_vc9_v1-7-4 and ogre_src_v1-7-4, works on this Windows 7 machine.
  4. Hi,   I'm having problems running the OGRE samples,   I've tried a number of OGRE sdk releases now,   I'm getting the samples to compile only with 1-7-2 version, and with other versions I get loads of linker errors   I'm using Windows 7 64-bit, but I believe it's the 32-bit sdk I need cause it's the compiler that this is related to I think   I've followed the cmake instructions from various websites, and generated the build solution for the samples but I can't run the sample browser: error 0150002:    the instructions: http://www.ogre3d.org/tikiwiki/Setting+Up+An+Application+-+Visual+Studio?tikiversion=Visual+Studio+2008+-+VC9   How do I run the sample browser; how do I get round this error?   thanks in advance,   doug
  5. doug25

    X Exporter

    I've recently completed work on an exporter plugin for 3d studio max 2014   you can get it at my website free http://www.brightstrings.com   Enjoy!
  6. I detected a spark of enthusiasm, from your question, which is great.  When you create a movie, all you need is a script, to begin with and you don't need experience but dedication.  I guess you could go the same way with a game.  I haven't really completed a full PC game but I've had a lot of experience programming.  After the years I wish I could have that enthusiasm that I first had.  I wouldn't want you to lose your initial vision.  If you break it down there isn't a great deal you need for a decent game, nice characters, nice scenery, dialog, networking.   The engine: the bullet physics engine is good for physics in your game; though at first it may seem difficult.   You can use the D3DX library to create 3D characters.   I'm talking about c++ here.   It could take a long time, years to learn.  I've learned it.  I'm not asking you to.   But a simple idea can go a long way - Flappy Bird   I have free time so if you want I could try my hand at making a small prototype, what do you think?
  7. doug25

    X Exporter

    Hi cozzie, I've updated the exporter to generate tangents and binormals.  I apologize for the wait - it's October now   the tangents and binormals should work in most cases but I don't know how to test it myself   http://host-a.net/u/doug25/X_Exporter_64-bit_2013_BETA.dle
  8. doug25

    X Exporter

    the exporter is only compiled for 64-bit 3ds max 2013 as of yet.   it won't work with 2012   Good luck.  You might want to try axe exporter.
  9. doug25

    X Exporter

    tangents and normals I think can be stored in D3DXFVF_XYZB1 and D3DXFVF_XYZB2   I haven't had the time to work on this but I will do it.  Doing it now.
  10. doug25

    X Exporter

    I haven't made documentation although I plan to
  11. doug25

    X Exporter

    you can use HLSL with my exporter if you export 1, 2 map channels for multi-texturing, good luck, thanks
  12. doug25

    X Exporter

    X Exporter is a high quality exporter for 3ds max 2013 64-bit,   One thing it does that others don't is flat shading export for wood effects   it saves highly optimized models   Saves Flexible Vertex Format so you can determine Vertex formats from loading a mesh at runtime   You can download it from the website www.brightstrings.com   On the website you will find a bit of documentation   drop me an email if you need to contact me contact@brightstrings.com
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