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  1. ADAMANT ENGINE We are currently working on an Open Source 2D Cross Platform Game Engine. The focus of the project is to provide the public with an open source game engine that is easy to use while maintaining cross platform capabilities and performance. We are open to anyone to give ideas and comments to help with the development of the engine. The engine is released under the Apache 2.0 license. Anyone interested in watching it develop, using it, testing it out, or contributing feel free to come to our forum at http://www.timmymx.com/adamantforum . We also host the code on GitHub https://github.com/gwa2100/AdamantEngine . Some current features: 2D Blitting utilizing SDL with colorkey support. Event Handling Basic Physics and Collision Detection SoundFX and Music Object Manager SoundFX and Music Managers Keyboard input handling Current Features in work: Tile Map Engine Tile Map Editor Sprite Animation Bettering the Physics and Collision Detection
  2. We are working on our new title SkyFarm. We have been laying the foundation for a few months now, and now development is taking off in stride. SkyFarm is a conglomeration of two popular game styles; Platformer meets Casual Farm Game. In SkyFarm you take on the role as a Sky Farmer seeking to farm the hovering islands of earth above the lack luster ground you stand on. You start standing on the ground with no fuel for you jet pack and only a small amount of Credits to purchase plants. From this you must plant and grow a small farm on the dusty and barren Flat Lands. Once you gather some Creds and can generate some fuel, off you go into the sky to farm the floating islands above you. As you explore these physics defying islands of floating earth, you begin to find more twists. Each island holds it's own secrets, some mild, some quiet extreme. Can you take yourself from the dusty barrens of the Flat Lands to the lush and fertile Sky Islands? Will you become the best SkyFarmer the world has ever known? Features List: Farming meets Platformer game play. Original open ended play that will keep you engaged for hours. Puzzling dynamics on the islands that will keep you guessing. Play the way you want to play. Follow our developments at http://environtekgames.createaforum.com or follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/gwa2100 [chop] Thanks, Timothy Carlisle EnvironTek Games, LLC
  3. EnvironTek Games, LLC (http://www.environtekgames.com) has decided to begin releasing Art Assets, currently in the form of 3d models, for free. We have created a section of the website that is going to be just for free assets. Come check out our site, and check back regularly as we will be creating art and posting it as soon as we are done. The site pages are currently a place holder for a more powerful and useful site. We plan to have a system in place to ease development for small teams by March 2011!. Come check out, HTTP://WWW.ENVIRONTEKGAMES.COM/ ! Tim Carlisle Chief Marketing Officer EnvironTek Games, LLC
  4. Creating a team to build the next killer game? Finding a full team of experienced and dedicated individuals for a game project typically becomes more work than the actual development. Many teams never begin due to this issue. Look no futher than EnvironTek Games, LLC. We are a Digital Assets Development Company that offers outsourcing of your toughest asset areas. Do you need 3D Models for your game? Have a strict or nearly non-existant budget? We have the products for you. Do you require fully custom and fully exclusive Assets? We can also tailor to you! We offer: 3D Model Development Programming Outsourcing Idea Development Project Management Consultation and much, much more. We specialize in working with Independant Game Development teams and firms! Contact us at support@environtekgames.com with your questions and let us help you make your dream a reality! Thank you, Timothy Carlisle Chief Marketing Officer EnvironTek Games, LLC A Kentucky Registered Limited Liability Company