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  1. angrytofu

    Anyone ever use DIET PILLS?

    I do drink just water most of the time now. Though its so boring. I just chug it and get it over with. I also eat dinner at 4pm and workout at 6pm and do not eat anything the rest of the night thinkign that may help. If nothing else atleast I don't have to wake up up in the middle of the night to pee anymore
  2. angrytofu

    Anyone ever use DIET PILLS?

    I know most replies are going to be 'jsut eat healthy and excerise.. thats the thing to do' But I am wondering has anyone out there tried it ? Id like to hear from a real person And I do excerise and I am losing weight slowly. I just figure if theres something out there that can help some then that would be good I am a work at home programmer and I always feel tired so maybe the extra energy is good.
  3. angrytofu

    Anyone ever use DIET PILLS?

    I am dieting and excerising and was looking into diet pills and quickly foudn out I can't trust any source since they are really all advertisments So I figure at I am free of any advertisements So can anyone tell me if any of these help? The more I research the more I find and the more confusing it gets phenocal anretix cylaris alli fenphedra..
  4. 1. The RC camaera might work but still I want a remote for the car that would go longer than 100 feet. 2. The pet collar is too big for a cat . plus they want $25 a month. Ill have to wait till they come out with smaller GPS devices :(
  5. Do any of these two items exist out there somewhere? 1. A RC car with a cam built in that uses wifi so I can drive the car outside and steer it by looking through the webcam. 2. A GPS collar for my cat so I could track his movment when he goes out at night and walk aroudn. Though he doesnt walk that far.. Doe to have many feet/meters is GPS accurate anyways?
  6. angrytofu

    Any of you losing interest in games specifically?

    Im 32. I think its part of growing up. I know when I was about 8 I played abuot 30 differnt games in the arcade then at 14 I played about 8 games. Now if I ever goto a arcade theres only 1 or 2 games I might like. There only about 1 or 2 games a year it seems that come out I want to try. Right now I only play AOE3 and Madden 2008 online and mr. do on mame
  7. angrytofu

    Its 2008. Whats the latest with 3D scanners?

    Yeah Videotrace. That looks like alot of fun. You seem to be into this subject yourself. Im not that smart to go create my own program to do this unfortunatly. Ill get one of those lasers in a few weeks and try the DAVID program out. I wonder how hard it is to stich the parts together for a 360 mesh.
  8. angrytofu

    Its 2008. Whats the latest with 3D scanners?

    That sounds interesting but then I read Petrou and her team hope to have a working prototype in three years And I know about the programs like facial studio that to take to pictures of the face.. There was some interesting video demo not long ago showing some product where you video tape a drive by of an object and you can get the 3d information about it. That DAVID product still seems the best since all I really need to buy to get started is a laser Maybe 3d cameras will be coming out soon in the future that can detect depth.
  9. angrytofu

    Its 2008. Whats the latest with 3D scanners?

    After looking around it seems the only reasonable option is this
  10. I hear mroe about 3d scanners. I am looking for something I could scan a face with for example and import into 3ds max. Anyone know of anything out now or coming out that can do this for under $2500. Or perhaps is there places to go to rent outt he equipment for a hour or 2 for scanning ? I live in Washington DC
  11. I saw some source code on the NVIDIA site showing some projects made with CUDA. But no binaries. Since I have a 8800GT it would be interesting to see some stuff people are using CUDA for Anyone know of any demos I can download out there?
  12. I heard about this the other day and for me this makes me want to get the game. But I am curious what it is like with all human controllers Anyone out there try it yet? Is the lag bad? Does everyone shoot and never pass? Any other sport games out there that allow more than 4 players online ?
  13. never liked age of mthology though might try aoe3 don't know if the her computer is quick enough
  14. My girlfriend is away for awhile and she has a older laptop 512meg onboard gfx. Can anyone give me some ideas on some not too complex games we can play over the internet ? We tried some of the game on MSN messenger but they were too basic. And I can't get Age of Empires 2 to work since it doesnt work with vista. Any ideas ??? maybe a head to head tetris somewhere?
  15. I do the one man band thing at home. And I would look some forum somewhere I could find other musicians that could add to my music.. For me I just need someone to sing over the music I make. Does anyone know of a forum out there like this ?
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