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  1. Several times, on the net, I saw some impressive games, then the chief programmers, who looks pale, like a zombie or vampire :) So is there any  practical way to protect programmers from the display? Does a projector help? In fact I am waiting for big screen oled /eink that refreshes fast / mirasol. Maybe two screens, one for editing one for testing.
  2. Buy a new computer to learn DirectX 10?

    Quote:Original post by Dbproguy Your best bet without upgrading would be to back down a little and get Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9 though, by the same author. What about the differences of the programming interfaces of DirectX 9 and 10? Thanks.
  3. I'm going to learn DirectX 10 using "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10", but my computer doesn't support DirectX 10 by hardware, it's a laptop computer and with a integrated video card doesn't support DirectX 10, it supports DirectX 9. Is it ok to run the examples using DirectX 10 on Windows XP or Windows 7? Thanks. BTW, it is a IBM T30, with a video card ATI Mobility 7500. Thanks.