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  1. Which College Should I Go?

    The "bragging rights" I referred to was actually making it through a tough school such as full sail :) I was mostly just joking though lol.
  2. Which College Should I Go?

    Thanks for advice. I had planned on getting a degree in computer science one way or another as a fall back plan. Any good schools in Florida? I know USF offers some stuff in that area but that's a bit of a drive =/ I'm attracted to both Full Sail and Digipen because they have games focused programs. I would think I would be more likely to get a job with some paper signed by them. For Full Sail I would go for the Hugely quick pace they move at. Getting in and out real fast would be nice and from what I hear that school is top notch, they don't use bad equipment. For Digipen I would like to go there because they are games focused and slow pace. Being able to work and school at the same time would help with cost in a big way. If I went to a normal 4 year college I would not really have to worry about cost I guess... Play my cards right publix and I might be able to get a degree for free :) But I would lose the game focus and bragging rights of going to a games school. Hmmm.... o.O EDIT: I'm going to look at the link you posted kalnos, thanks.
  3. Which College Should I Go?

    I'm also looking at schools. Got Full Sail and Digipen on the short list of options right now. Which is better?
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