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  1. GusHawk040

    Creatures anyone?

    Dude you should get like a largish werebear like guy huge and hulking almost like a minutor but like half bear half huge gorilla something that says im going to tear you limb from limb.... it would have high strength and good defense because of its natural size and its hair could be all matted and stuck down giving it like a natural armor. but it should have a weeekness to fire because its hair would easly burn... Tweak it how ever you like but it would definently be cool.
  2. GusHawk040

    RPG: Skill Based Character Creation

    Dude I'm really likeing your skill tree idea if you get the chance play the new elder scrolls skyrim they have a perfect example of what you are doing, personaly i have alway liked the big sand box games that are modeled by what skills you choose to advance. I have been playing with an idea like yours for a while but you have it pritty much covered
  3. GusHawk040

    AI monster

    Ok i see what you mean. It makes more sence that way thanks for the advice. Anyone else with ideas I would love to here them.
  4. GusHawk040

    AI monster

    I was wondering if anyone has tryed a tear systerm for AI in any RPG's Giveing NPC monsters/creatures LVL's of inteligence based on a 1-10 LVL system one being the least and 10 being the most intelegent....Then giveing the NPC's diffrent actions depending on the lvl of intelegence. For Example: a giant rat has an AI lvl of 1 so it knows basic functions like bite,run,eat,drink. while a goblin has an AI of 5 so it can use low forms of magic and simple weapons also has the functions like attack,defend,and flee Then a NPC human with an AI of 10 he can cast all fourms of magic relevent to its chosen class craft items speak multiple languages weild advanced weaponry so on and so fourth. if anyone has tried this let me know how it turned out
  5. GusHawk040

    school project

    i forgot to add that all the books i have read have been C++ and Directx so to anyone that could help if you new alot about that lanuage that would be nice but i will try to learn anything you have to offer
  6. GusHawk040

    school project

    I am a jr in highschool, we do a thing in my school called a senior project were the student is pared with an expert and a mentor for the subject of there choice. Even though our teacher is resorsfull i figured i would try to find someone that lived somewere close to presque isle county michigan that could act as an expert for my project if they had the free time. My topic is going to be game development thus i am looking on this fourm for help. I can understand if this is a little odd especialy sence i still have a year befor i actualy have to do this project but i would like to learn as much as i could befor hand because it will be alot to cover in one semester. If someone can help me thanks but if the request is to much i understand. If you can offer any help please contact me on my profile. Thanks
  7. ok all i need to no is make a 2d map with 1 charicture that moves by arrow keys because i have plenty of books but none of them go into detail on charicture movement or level creation i actualy need help on the 2d animation and loading of the charicture in the game yes i am a complete noob so be very blunt. thanks
  8. GusHawk040

    i need an opinion

    ok i am a new programer like i havent seen a line of code befor. i have been writing a game and want to program but i dont no wer to start is there any way i could teach myself
  9. GusHawk040

    scripting giving me a hard time

    i mean a scripter like mad lib scripting the line of events how they happen to stop from hard codeing every action
  10. hey anyone i need a book on role playing game scripting if you have anything send it my way Thanks
  11. GusHawk040

    New Programmer i need advice

    thanks man i appriceate the help if you got any more advice later or send it my way
  12. GusHawk040

    New Programmer i need advice

    thanks man just what im looking for if you can offer anymore suggestion that would be great
  13. GusHawk040

    New Programmer i need advice

    sorry i didnt now exactly what to ask im usin gthe c++ language plannig to write a large role playing game with no former exp i havent writen any other programs im looking to get books and any advice i can to start writeing smaller simpler programs i have already bought "programming role playing games with direct x" but i need something that teaches me more basic stuff and maybe something with the milkshap or deled 3d modling engins and just so youguys no im not a lost cause im only 15 so i got time lol
  14. i need advice on what books and software to get to work with the direct x software
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