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  1. EffectEd - an HLSL editor

    Sweet ! That's a pretty nice application. You add a shortcut F5 or something for the compile and the ability to open drag & dropped file. Also lighter line numbers or just the ability to disable them, maybe even letting it remember it's last window state ( maximized or not ), either way from now on this will be my new hlsl editing application =)
  2. I guess my post wasn't clear enough, anyways When I said "skinning is not a problem" I meant that my models properly adjusted vertexes to the according matrix. The real problem is that I have no idea on how the whole 'hierarchical transform' thing works and the matrix array that I'm sending to my shader is obviously wrong. The only info that the ogre3d's skeleton file provides are some initial bone properties ( position , rotation, size ) and animation data ( also pos, rot, size ) From Ogre3D's wiki I found out they use 'Hierarchical forward-kinematics' on bones, I suppose it's just a simple form of skeletal animation. You said that I needed two kind of matrices, like that inverse bind and transform. It'll be helpful if you could explain to me how it works. Also, does drawing bones require a different approach than preparing that matrix array that I send to my shader
  3. Yep, they are the same. Like I said, how is it supposed to work if my code can't even draw the basic skeleton shape/lines ? =/
  4. Well I got this weird annoying problem, which is probably because of my lack of full understanding of skeletal animation. I wrote this Ogre3D's xml mesh importer which works as it should, all the data is imported correctly and linked ( bone children / vertex indices ) So far the files are parsed correctly, the model is rendered and everything is where it should be. Now the problem is how to use that animation data, the skinning is not a problem but the matrices that need to be sent to the shader are. No matter what I tried, I always ended up with a weird animation that made my models look like some bunch of mutated cripples. I have tried different ways to do this but I kept failing, I even failed making it draw a proper bone structure using bunch of lines. I am using SlimDX ( if that changes anything ) and I would really appreciate if some one could help me on this one. Maybe it's something that I'm doing wrong, or maybe Ogre3D's skeleton format has some values that need to be converted. I just don't really know =( Here's my incorrect code for drawing the basic skeleton : public void RenderBones(Bone root) { root.fullMatrix= root.initialMatrix; if (root.parent!=null) { root.fullMatrix *= root.parent.fullMatrix; RenderLine(root.parent.fullMatrix,root.fullMatrix); } foreach (Bone bone in root.children) RenderBones(bone); } I spent days trying to figure out how to do this properly, so asking for help is now my final solution =) [Edited by - jpetrie on December 1, 2010 6:58:38 PM]