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  1. Hi everyone. I'm making a little game for an assignment. After the game is done I want to give the player the option to restart my game. How do I go on about this? so far what i came up with is instead of having a button for a restart i choose to do keyboard pressing. So if the player presses r they it would restart the game new. But that is the part I'm stuck at. Actually making the key work. Can anyone give me some suggestion. Please and thank you ^^
  2. amatsuki

    Need help in making a decision

    hmm wow that is a good point. I never thought of that o.o. Thanks for that wonderful feed back. If anyone else has input please do tell ^^>
  3. amatsuki

    Need help in making a decision

    If i still wanted to go into the game industry not as a programmer but maybe something..else!? Would the minor still help me...
  4. amatsuki

    Need help in making a decision

    Hi everyone! I kind of need good and helpful advice about a problem i have. currently i got to a university majoring in business management entrepreneur track and computer science with a minor in digital media. my problem right now is ive taken a few programming class (C, java) and i just dont feel that passionate for programming. But i was looking at minoring in CS since im just 2 class shy of getting a minor in it. but what i wanted to know is, is getting a minor in computer science helpful for a person like me that is majoring in business?!?! any good feed back is appreciated and thanks in advance. i appreciate anyone that could help me ^^.
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