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    Easy way to learn computer languages

    I think it's going to be very hard to "get into" programming on your own using just the internet. Unless you're passionate and have a grand plan then you'll need other people to motivate you and make progress with. I suggest joining a club or taking some kind of class where you interact with peers and an instructor. This will light a fire in your that will burn for your entire life always motivating you to more forward. If you think you can learn something like software dev. from watching youtube videos for an hour after work each day you're mistaken. You've got to have a solid foundation first with which to stand on. For me that was going through college where everyday I worked with a hundred other students and teachers to learn about computer science. I don't think you can replicate that by watching videos and reading articles by yourself.
  2. C++ is the most attractive language when measured in power, flexibility and speed. As power, flexibility and speed increase, the detracting elements like manual memory management, dealing with header files and in general writing more code than in other languages become lesser. Company A develops software using C++/CLI. They have a managed Windows Forms front end on top of native C++ class libraries. They tap into the benefits of .NET on the managed side and vintage C++ libraries like VTK and ACIS on the native side all in one solution. The common thread is C++. What other language can do this?
  3. GameOne

    Anyone want to help me out!??!?

    Quote:Original post by soitsthateasy thanks very much guys!!! I looked on amazon and I saw a book called Game Programming All In One Third Edition by Jonathen S. Harbour... Any thoughts on it??? (link here!!! opens on a new page) I think you need to have experience with object oriented programming, data structures(containers) and inheritance first before you think about making a game. Don't waste your money on that book. It's boring. Do it from scratch or you won't learn a thing.
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