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  1. K thanks for the Ideas, I'll try and track down some android live wallpaper pages.
  2. Hi guys, been a while since I've posted on these forums. I wanted to get an understanding of Android development and the process of publishing apps. To that end I made a simple live wallpaper [url=""]Splitter Live Wallpaper[/url] I had a few questions popup during this process. How do I do Eclipse debugging on a service? With an Activity it would run the activity by default and let me use break points. When coding a service do I just need to first develop it using an Activity to allow debugging? I've been using the developer option "Show CPU usage" to profile my program and see what I could do to improve the wallpaper's efficiency, are there more detailed profiling tools available / what ones do you recommend? I was looking into recording a Video for my app. The only methods I've seen would require I root my phone (I'm a little hesitant to do this since I just got the phone 2 days ago) Is there any other way to do this? Mostly I'm concerned that Google will brick my phone, like apple does with Jailbreaked phones, or is this something I don't need to worry about? Or should I just record the screen with another video recorder, like my tablet? What is the best way to advertise a free app? It appears that having a new app and being a new developer on the App store, there are no way for the user to discover my app short of them searching for it by name. I noticed that having scope variables (variables defined inside function calls) was causing a lot of processing power to be used, I assume because of the gabage collection. Currently I've defined those scope variables outside the function as private members of the class, what are the best practices to improve this?
  3. [quote name='akhin' timestamp='1318379623' post='4871671'] Is the site really rubbish ? I really am looking forward to hearing feedbacks , especially [b]constructive[/b] ones thanks... [/quote] I'm told it's useful to have a completed game or two as listed projects. Even if they aren't graphically advanced, as long as they are "complete" (menus, ect.), they show a commitment to your projects.
  4. Question about Computer Science degree

    I don't know that if I would say it taught me how to think, only that it gave me new tools to apply to problems and a base understanding of many common problems.
  5. Selling other peoples games for money

    [quote name='jtagge75' timestamp='1296875470' post='4769868'] [quote name='Antheus' timestamp='1296859454' post='4769766'] Despite a lot of comments on the blog and on related sites, this really is not a matter suitable for popular opinion or public scrutiny. It is completely a matter of law and what it decides. Everything else doesn't matter. And it's even worse, people going vigilante on the blog by performing DOS and all other kinds of nasty things is something every lawyer would cry over. This type of matter should stay private until courts decide, maybe a PR statement on the progress, but that's it. Public support of this type will do more harm than good for all parties involved. Heck - stuff like this can backfire badly, imagine this whole matter turns to be actually legal and the person suing back due to this. If having a legal dispute, don't bring the mob into it. [/quote] I'm not trying to offer any opinion on the matter really. I just love the irony of the fact that the hardcore GPL people who think that all software wants to be free (and forces the belief on others by using the license) had it shoved in their face using their own piece of propaganda to do it. It gives me a big LOL. This is exactly the reason why I use a BSD type license with anything open source I do. There is no grey area for things like this to happen. I'm fairly sure there will be a GPL v4 before to long that prohibits commercial use of whatever is under the license. [/quote] So If I follow what you're saying, I should be releasing my code with some sort of a license?
  6. SDL & OpenGL - Drawing things ?_?

    Quote:Original post by Hayer So if I'm going to rotate each texture/sprite in different degrees I got to call glBegin and glEnd for each texture/sprite? btw; glActiveTexture isnt recognized. ,_, Sorry glActiveTexture is only used in opengl 1.3 or greater Yes transform calls should be placed outside begin and end calls, also your texture should be set outside those calls as well. I don't see a call to SDL_GL_SwapBuffers() after the render call, you may want to add that and glFlush() after the glEnd() call. Lastly, your glOrtho call has the top and bottom parameters backwards, which is causing your top and bottom coordinates to be incorrect in the render function.
  7. SDL & OpenGL - Drawing things ?_?

    Try adding a glActiveTexture call like this glActiveTexture(GL_TEXTURE0); glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, Image); Drawing multiple quads within a single set of glBegin and glEnd is perfectly acceptable. To rotate throw a glRotate call before the glBegin.
  8. Shadow Mapping (GLSL) doesn't work

    Quote:Original post by theprogrammer12 well, I am pretty sure that the matrix is correct because it is the same as in the test program of the tutorial and this one works. I also tried to render the color instead of the depth and this worked as well, so I think the problem is in the fragment shader. I have already compared it to the one of the tutorial but I didn't find any mistakes. I could be wrong, but I don't think you pass the light projection matrix to the shaders. gl_TextureMatrix is used to generate the shadow coord but I don't see it actually being set anywhere in your code. Quote:Original post by theprogrammer12 RenderScene(); SetShadowTextureMatrix(); Also isn't this in reverse order?
  9. Cover letter

    Quote:Original post by szecs Proven ability? Where do you prove it? Anyway, the letter was a bit boring, I didn't really feel like reading it. Proven in my last job, which was an agile work place, which was covered in the letter.
  10. Cover letter

    Hi again, I'm applying to a position listed here can you give me some comments on my cover letter? Hello, I’m sending this email to apply for the Game Programmer position you’ve posted on your website. I’ve always had a passion for game development and to that end obtained a degree in Computer Science from the University Of Western Ontario. After graduating I took a job in application development with iLookabout, however I am now looking to change fields and expand my horizons. Since then I have begun to work on programming portfolio of games, these samples include a Nintendo DS game, OpenGL graphical demos and some XNA platform games. I feel I would be a great fit for your team with my communication skills, knowledge, adaptability and proven ability to deliver products in an agile work environment. Also I feel your company would be a great fit for me with it’s focus on cutting edge portable devices and the casual gaming market. I look forward to having an opportunity to further discuss my education and qualifications. You can contact me through this email address or my cell phone. Also my portfolio is available at htttp:// Nicholas Crook Cell: Email: You can view my resume on my portfolio Edit: Just sent it in so criticism is a moot point for this cover letter, thought it may help me with drafting future ones. [Edited by - Altourus on November 2, 2010 8:27:15 PM]
  11. Gizmo's Adventure

    Hey just finished up my first game for NDS homebrew. Its a pretty standard platformer and you can see a youtube video preview here Controls ---------- Left or Right arrows to move Hold X to run Press A to jump To download the game or Source code go here If you would like to make comments on the source code a thread has been set up here
  12. Gizmo's Adventure Code Review

    Quote:Original post by gtdelarosa2 Hello, Nice game... A comment about the source code: I see you use alot of pass-by-const-value in your functions like, void LoadTiles(const int x, const int y); There's no need to make them const since they are going to be copied. If you were passing complex objects, like class instances, then you should make them references to const if they are not going to be changed within the function. So for example: void LoadTiles( const TileInfo &tileInfo ); But it's good you are trying to make the code const-correct. That is good C++ style. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :) Edit: Updated the source code to reflect the changes you suggested
  13. Hey just finished up my first game for NDS homebrew. Its a pretty standard platformer and you can see a preview here Controls ---------- Left or Right arrows to move Hold X to run Press A to jump To download the game or Source code go here Looking forward to hearing some of your opinions on improvements I can make to the code.
  14. Good OpenGL Guide

    Quote:Original post by KulSeran How about this? Wow, you have no idea how much I wish I had this link 3 months ago
  15. Portfolio Content

    Quote:Original post by Tom Sloper Quote:Original post by frob and what does bartender experience have to do with programming? If he was a bartender, then it belongs on his resume. All paid work experience belongs on the resume. That's what I had always assumed.