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    Road from College Undergrad to Game Producer

    Good wake up call!
  2. Hey, looking for team to start making games for fun. It's for learning and fun of course. Work on your own time. To communicate with each other we will be using e-mail, voice chat, facebook, and etc. FTP will be use to share files with each other it will be running off my computer for the moment. Tools: Visual Studio 2010 Express or Professional Blender Photoshop/GIMP * We will also be making tools, such as level editor for example. * Tools can be made in the .NET Framework (C#, C++, Visual Basic) Game Engine will be a team effort since we will be starting from scratch. - The Engine will be made from DirectX and the Windows API using c++; If you are interested please e-mail me @ hookerml89@live.com *** Thank you for time, i hope i can make this possible and i believe it will be a lot of fun. *** Please ask questions.
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