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  1. Thank guys, all really good advice and I really apreciated the time you've taken to offer your tips and advice. I think I'll be taking the per hour route, it's been made really obvious that them hitting a 100,000 mark on the first go is very unlikely, so i guess that's all there is to it in this scenario.  
  2. Hey. I have some friends who have just started a business, one of who i was going to uni with who I'm going to call John for the purpose of confidentiality. The other guy (who can be called Hank) is still completing a business degree. Me and my other friend (who can be called Jason) are working for them in a client relationship despite the fact that the game was essentially our major project at UNI and we are continuing with it. On a side note I'm in the right forum yeah? this is about working for someone in a time where i'm fresh in the industry and I don't own a part of the company. Me and Jason did by far the most work on the major project prototype, and Hank was not involved in it's production. John is the game designer, project manager and writer for the project. Hank is a legal consultant, business man and marketing director. There's me, concept artist, modeller, texturer, rigger and animator, And Jason who programs and helps a bit with game design. My full time job employees who are a game company forbid me from making any more than a polished alpha build with my friends so there's about 9 hours of each 19 weeks for me to work on this part time. John has offered to pay me either $20 an hour or give me 6 percent of the game's revenue. If I picked the former, he'd give me the total $3420 as soon as the 19 weeks were up and I'd finished all the work (which will be tricky with the amount of work). If I picked the latter option I could be waiting an extra year just for the game to be complete. By that time the game would probably make no more than 100,000 over a period of half a year I'd guess. If it did make that much I'd get a slow $6000. John doesn't seem to be confident that their net earnings will top that 100,000 mark. Thoughts? advice? tips?