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  1. Strewya

    Making a Game Engine: Transformations

    My suggestion is to mention the other way matrices can be represented and multiplied. You use a colum-vector based representation, and thus multiply your vector and matrices in reverse order (at least as i see it): TRSv. I personally find this awkward, and use a row-vector representation, and multiply vector and matrices in vSRT order, as it feels more natural to me. You don't have to change your article (which is really useful), but just mention the other approach as well. :)
  2. Strewya

    Centering sprite

    a few questions that pop to mind: how are you creating the window, win32 or using some library? if(win32) are you adjusting the rectangle of the client area? (this issue has happened to me, and would cause every sprite to be drawn incorrectly by a slight offset) also, you should see how things change when you pass in a scaling center of (0,0), and if you pass the scale vector as 0/NULL/nullptr. also, might want to post a screenshot and give info about the size of the crosshair texture, window size and such.
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