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  1. Yes - that Google translator .. need to be constantly adjusted. So quickly, when many : if it Unity3d this is Union (funny translation) EU! Unity3D May Be Optimal Engine if you may use the Force Interface Tools . AltarofScience was have The Fury Scheme for Design ( casual , but curiously enough , very good mirror for MMOG) Interface Tools : developing for Kind Game - rich approach for Coding on Foundation on Design ( concrete ) . But each Hacker of Coding must Know Game Design ?! why is it for What Sense and Conversely : Who Develop the Game Really . You have to understand programming exactly as Scheme of Build for Resources of Game in HardWare and SoftWare Variants .
  2. SinisterPride : I think you are trying to gradually understand me! Vision of Gameplay as the ChessBoard: it is soonely the word-revolver. I know people who from UbiSoft , but I did not say that I work in UbiSoft. That is, you did not watch the video - you, like most of the other all the same, or more then one computer bots (programs), because of your text is not true. And I said that we needed to account for AmazonPayments for, well, where does UbiSoft - unless you understanding, I would say that I am Freelancer - Independent Manager (yes GameDevIndustry modern companies - just a "modern trash"). In translation: better to act. Will Write one hundred thousand Theme than those in the text and a Zero Result in the End. In EpiEnd none GameProduct and none Money : eating text or other it ?! What was done on or : nothing .. tell me again of Orientation of this Forums .
  3. I think that every Design begins with a better video-demo , which will show the Idea and Vision of the Chess Field. As of right now to think about : who have Amazon account - USA and UK (I with UA) Assassin Creed because the team of about 700 people, so Space is better, because that requires less people in development, but Need more Intelligence and AI for NPC too . Twin Shadow Interface Cancel Button of 3D Voice
  4. Hidden Star Control

  5. One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    Multiplayers On-Line [b]Hidden Objects[/b] ( very popular [b]Style[/b] ... ) [b]:[/b] [media][/media]
  6. One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    [quote name='T e c h l o r d' timestamp='1326896586' post='4903967'] Interactive Lobby [/quote] lobby for RPG character ?! if have the Chosen RPG-character ( as few NPC ) then may be lobby for One : [b]Chosen One[/b] !! .
  7. One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    [quote name='TheGuardian' timestamp='1326727524' post='4903254'] both the Commander and players must co-exist online at the same time to communicate [/quote] Why !?! What is sense in this : if one of them On-Line then he Drive Group (s) , if Both Commander On-Line then Drive of Groups is Greatly !! If not a have Humanity Player in game location ( [b]GL[/b] ) then you will lancing [b]NPC RTS[/b] player into your Groups , but then game must consist [b]AI[/b] tactical [b]NPC[/b] : this is CompaRate ( [b]CR[/b] ) with Automatically Battle fight . [b]Movement[/b] : light version especially endurance [b]ChekPointS[/b] - first Vector1 of move Plus second Vector2 plus Next VectorN and all of this Save in Massive and will have Matrix of MovementS - see as stanDarth method )) [sharedmedia=gallery:images:1578]
  8. Game Interface Manager ^|^ deep space engineering mmog
  9. One Game World, Multiple Interfaces...

    [quote name='AltarofScience' timestamp='1326404000' post='4902119'] The average MMO player has a pretty Big Ego [/quote] Not Doubt It ) Soon this is Good Arrangement in the Game World . When player chained with notBig group He was good Thinking of situation . And if he not Leader ( group usually have a Leader or together Leaders ) then he will made Limited Business ( Defend of Base ) . If he Leader then he Extend Possible : Move , Trade , Attack or other with Group !! [quote name='Relfos' timestamp='1326451334' post='4902295'] RTS players control a faction, while the FPS players control another [/quote] All Players is [b]RTS [/b]only in RPG Charachters they have differently functions . In Solo in RTS Game not necessarry Wait in Await of Join to Group : player himself do his Game as [b]Solo Player [/b]. Only He have a small Strong , if he want have a Biggest Strong then he Develop his RPG Charachter in Small Danger Place ...
  10. [i][size=2]machines as powerful as human brain will be available for 1000$ by 2020? [/size][/i] [i][size=2]Do you know that same machines will cost no more but 200$ each by 2030?[/size][/i] [i][size=2][size=5][b]Shadow Commondore[/b][/size][/size][/i] [media][/media]
  11. Future of Gaming

    [b]machines as powerful as human brain will be available for 1000$ by 2020? Do you know that same machines will cost no more but 20$ each by 2030?[/b] [CODE] <object width="640" height="400"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="400"></embed></object> [/CODE]
  12. Quote:Original post by Brain me Quote:Original post by theOcelot you just need to go ahead and use separate data structures for simulating and rendering, and keep them in sync with each other. That was my plan, this produce over game logic... Well Done...