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    help with java libraries

    Alright, I'll give that one a try. Thanks!
  2. Hi again, I already posted something like this a while ago, but sadly didn't get any responses - I'll try posting this again with a little more information on what I need. If somebody can help me out here, it'd be much appreciated.   Basically, I wanna program a moderately high resolution 2d game in java, and need a way to display my graphics and playback sound.   Now, I've looked at a few options, libGdx in specific. From what I've seen, though, it offers no way to control the game loop, the update and render cycle, that kind of stuff - and that's a part I'd like to write by hand. In fact, I'd like to write most stuff by myself. What I do need is functions for opening up a window/a fullscreen mode, load and display graphics, and sound.   For graphics themselves, I've already looked at java2d. While that seems to basically offer what I need (at least graphics-wise), I've read some less than enthusiastic responses to that regarding performance. This might be an issue for me, since as i mentioned, I want to render to a relatively high resolution.   So, are there any libraries you can recommend me for creating windows and displaying graphics in it, and for sound? Libraries that do just that, very efficiently, but leave the rest to me?
  3. Hi,   as the title suggests I want to program a 2D game in Java. I've already made a game for Android, so I have some basics down. However, I'm unsure how to display graphics efficiently on pc.   From what I've looked up so far, Java2D has come up a lot for painting on the canvas, and JFrame for creating the window. Are those any good? Are there any worthwhile alternatives I should know about?   Thanks in advance~
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