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  1. Good afternoon all and merry xmas. After a very long 13 years doing Java team leading, design and development I'm looking to switch career paths to an IT stream that I may actually enjoy. Games programming is something I've also wanted to get involved in having experimented a little with it over the years and I've loved gaming since the good old days of the original elite. What I'm wondering is if this is even vaguely realistic considering I've spent most of my time programming in Java with only limited C++ development. I appreciate I would need to get my C++ programming up to a decent level and create at least a basic demo of some kind before I could expect to get in at the bottom level but would my age (35) be a barrier to breaking into the industry? Assuming it isn't, once I've improved my C++ skills, would I need to specialise before attempting to get employment (e.g. focus on a specific aspect such as 3D graphics programming) or is the general knowledge demonstrated in a demo sufficient? Any information or advice greatly appreciated. Hope you are all having/had a nice xmas. Bri
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