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  1. Quote:Original post by ZacTheImpailer I really want to be a designer (lead, level,combat, anything with the word designer in it.) and not a programmer or artist. Some have already replied but I will add in my own industry input here. Learning a programming language or at least a popular scripting language is very valuable to studios. In today's development studio's they can sometimes even depend on Artist to at least know some scripting languages to save on resources. Although it may not be required in the long run, it does have it's advantages and makes you that much more of a hire than someone who would require a scripter to support (example: Gameplay Designer could need a Scripter or Programmer to make their designs come to life in whatever engine/toolset the studio utilizes). Level Designers, Combat System Designers, or just your basic Content Designers will almost always require code or script resources for implementation. 2 designers cost more money than 1 designer. Having a any of those designers who also script as well design for example is better than hiring one Designer and one to do scripting full time. That's just my humble opinion on the subject of at least learning something that relates to the roles you want to fill. And yes, it's very possible that you may not need to know any of the above but also very possible that you would. Quote:Original post by ZacTheImpailer I've created some content with level editors and some of those interface based game creators that require no programming knowledge. That's always a good start for learning and creating a portfolio. It's important to start thinking about that as you progress through school and training with toolsets etc. Quote:Original post by ZacTheImpailer Anyway, am I doing the right things? Am I doing the wrong things? Do I need to do more? I would say yes that you're on the right track with getting your hands dirty and playing with the tools, attempting to make games and researching on what you need to accomplish your goals.