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  1. Some of you may remember my incredibly sexist hypothesis which eventually evolved to the point where I was claiming the majority of women are not as intelligent as men. All of you flat out rejected this idea and made me feel as though I was probably wrong. As a result over the past few months I have been doing a great deal of research, and my conclusion is that I was not only right but the situation is far worse than I initially thought. Regardless of the amount of evidence I provided and my best attempts to explain my findings most of you will simply disregard what I say. So I have decided to let a woman who is far more articulate and traditionally educated explain the problem for me. I will undoubtedly receive a ban for this post given its offensive nature and my false label as an internet troll but this is acceptable as long as at least a few of you realize the truth behind my message no matter how distasteful it may be. I implore you to at least give this video a few minutes of your time even if you do not watch the whole thing: [url=""][/url]
  2. Lots of new members on this site

    I've also noticed a sudden influx of new member.
  3. Don't have much free time at the moment with school and all. Would be interested if it were in May though.
  4. Go with SDL if all you ever want to know is how to make 2D games. If you want to take it further, you should probably use FreeImage and OpenGL.
  5. Games you're excited about

    [url=""]far cry 3[/url]
  6. Language to use for web-development?

    Personally I would go with HTML, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL These are super standard and will allow you to even use free hosting. A perfect example would be the two sites in my signature.
  7. This is my new lounge!

    [quote name='Madhed' timestamp='1332794636' post='4925443'] Good Riddance [/quote] I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be around but I won't be making any more lounge threads on here since that is apparently grounds for a warning or even a ban on this site... [img][/img]
  8. This is my new lounge!

  9. Funding campaign for my in-development game

    Honestly, the game looks polished but very boring. You need to spot light an interesting mechanic which would spark interest. The control system is not very interesting.
  10. This is my new lounge!

  11. This is my new lounge!

    [quote name='Hodgman' timestamp='1331597970' post='4921522'] [quote name='fastcall22' timestamp='1331580219' post='4921434'] [quote name='AltarofScience' timestamp='1331565523' post='4921358'] Why would anyone want to join a forum run by you and your ridiculous backward ideas? Ick. [/quote] I dunno... [url=""]Owl's in there somewhere[/url]... [/quote]Oh that's it, I'm in! [/quote] Hodgman then creates an account under a different user name and trolls us all. lol
  12. This is my new lounge!

    [quote name='Washu' timestamp='1331580933' post='4921438'] Hmm, we need a celebration forum, where we can post whiner quit messages and then all have a party. [/quote] Washu, you are just jealous that you don't have your own forum.[img][/img]
  13. This is my new lounge!

    [quote name='AltarofScience' timestamp='1331565523' post='4921358'] Why would anyone want to join a forum run by you and your ridiculous backward ideas? Ick. [/quote] I may be a lot of things but I'm definitely not backwards. If you don't want to join then it's your loss. We are going to have a party and there will be free pizza, dubstep, and video games. And you know what, AltarofScience? You're not invited! [img][/img]
  14. This is my new lounge!

    This is my final post in GDNet's lounge. I've had my account restricted for the last 10 days because apparently I'm a lounge lizard. Instead of just getting angry I decided to use this time to start my own forum so I can be as much of a lounge lizard as I like without getting punished for it. I've had a moderate amount of success in finding active members but really to create any type of lively community I'm going to need a lot more. So this is just an invitation to join my forum if any of you are interested. Here is the link: [url=""][/url]
  15. charicter physics

    [quote name='ulao' timestamp='1330640112' post='4918382'] I'm starting to play with a physics engine a bit here and I was wondering what most people do for a character physics. Imagin if you will a 3rd person style game. I dont really want the character to follow the plane below. In the real world if I walk up a drive way, I'm not matching the drive way angle at all. Or in the case in the game I dont want to wobble if I land hard. Ok maybe that part is true in life but a game is not 100% real ;) So I guess I want the charater to intereact with objects ( collision ) but not react in all aspects. I was able to resolve the bounce factor but I'm not sure how to deal with the Angles. I only want the physics to mess with my position. I use the ODE engine btw. I though about pinning x and z to the north start but I dont think fighting the phys engine is wise. I dont really know the ODE engine that well but I would have expected to see some constrainghts. Or maybe its in the damping somewhere? Granted if you dropped a statue formthe sky it would not land stading up right. If it were a giant you would expect it to. I dont want to get in to dealing with all the physics a leg can preform I just want to simulate it. Make any sense? [/quote] I assume you are using a capsule controller for your character? Are you looking for [url=""]something like this?[/url]