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  1. Starting C++ games

    [url=""]LazyFoo's tutorial[/url]s really helped me starting off with SDL, and I believe you would have to set up OpenGL for use iwht it if you wanted to make use of the 3D parts of it.
  2. Where to find artists?

    Doesn't deviantArt only have a forum for paid gigs? What if you are looking for volunteer work?
  3. Software Suites

    Yeah there's the Visual Studio Express editions, or you can even get the retail version of Visual Studio through Microsoft's Dreamspark program, provided you are a college student.
  4. Where should I start?

    I do appreciate it, and I actually like solving programming algorithms but yeah, clearly I just need to get cracking on C++. I'm unsure of whether or not to use DirectX, though. What sort of graphics libraries are used for consoles?
  5. IndieDevNews

    If you are interested in taking on another writer, I would love to help out!
  6. Where should I start?

    [color=#1C2837][size=2] [b][url=""]justdanyul[/url], thanks for your response, but I do have experience in programming already. I have made an advanced version of WordPad in VB.NET, and some other useless programs. I am not just starting programming really, but I am just starting programming games. I understand that it does not matter what to you use for personal projects, as long as you can do what you want, but it terms of working on a professional team, I would like to be practicing with what I would be using in the future.[/b] [/size][/color]
  7. Supermassive Black Hole by Muse?
  8. Beginner Java Questions

    [quote name='menyo' timestamp='1304466180' post='4806176'] My advice is get c# and XNA, you will be making games within 100 hours of learning. No not the next best MMO but still really nice games. Just do it step by step, do a c# calculator tutorial first then some simple c# command prompt game tutorial. Then move to XNA, learn how to draw sprites, move 'm, animate 'm with small tutorials. You will be making your own pong/break out clone within a week. I'm now like 100 to 150 hours into c# and XNA and i have almost finished my own isometric tilemap editor i'm going to use for a real cool xcom/fallout clone i have in mind. Read my blog in my sig to see exactly where and how i learned this. [/quote] Quit plugging your blog, you are not really helping anyone with this sort of stuff.
  9. Where should I start?

    Exactly, while I do want some short term results as far as creating a game and/or applications goes, I want to be able to walk into the place and get the job easily. And if that means I need to take the time and learn C++, then that's what I need to do.
  10. Where should I start?

    I definitely want to be a professional game developer, so I guess C++ would be the way to go at this point.
  11. Where should I start?

    I have some programming experience in all of the languages above, but I was wondering which would really be the best for me to pursue in terms of game development. I don't care about learning curve at all. What I do care about are available libraries, resources, extendability, things like that. I would appreciate some answers on the poll as well as justifications for your answers with links, personal experience, etc, in a response. Thank you! -Zac