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    The truth about MMO's

    There is no point discouraging indie teams or individual people to try to make an mmorpg. I coded a client server (simple) mmorpg prototype and I learned a HELL of a lot of game engineering skills, it is also now going into my portfolio. Nowadays mmorpgs are not as out of reach for indie developers as they were before. I know several small teams of under 10 people who currently have a fully functioning commercial level mmo.
  2. wildboar

    Why You Shouldn't Be Making an MMO

    I dont even see the point of discouraging newbies from attempting MMO's. Let them try, see how far they will get. In the end they will most likely fail, but at least they will learn two things: the amount of time and effort required for an MMO and some game development skills.
  3. wildboar

    Woody3D 1.0.2 Release

    I think it would be a great idea to have a license similar to RakNet, allow users to use the sdk with no limits and when the game earns more than a certain amount in revenue then they would have to pay the license fee. I really want to try it out in my engine but I dont want to just pay 300 dollars up front especially since I am not on the stage where trees are important.
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