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  1. game testing

    Thank you very much for the information. I know my grammar and such is bad but i usually play mmos and well grammar and spelling aren't normally critiqued in them or the forums for them. Also it seems i was right to be wary of the sites i found and as far as my searching techniques i did have many more pages to search threw when i found this forum site and posted my question. As for now I'll leave this forum for others and try to find something a little closer to home, or at least where I wish it to be.
  2. game testing

    i dont know if this is actually a viable career but i'm an advid gamer for many years now and currently unemployed i took a computer programming course while in high school but what i actually learned then was obsolite(spelling?) before i even graduated..which was in 89 i was searching for testing careers and all i can find are ads for what in all respect remind me of "chain letters" but i found this site and well decided this mite be a reliable source for finding out 1 if its possible...specially to do so from home and also how to go about actually finding such jobs also so you know i really dont think i'm interested in actually making games anymore but well maybe as a hobby if i actually get back to work...been unemployed since june of 09 and no college of anykind and thankyou for any help anyone can not even sure if this is a legit post for this site but i really need to try something with my life and well like i said playing the games is what i enjoy