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  1. LOL. Yeah, they could have saved that doc page. Seems I'm getting old with my vanilla knowledge :D
  2. Have a look at this part of the RTV description: D3D11_TEX2D_ARRAY_RTV . There's two ways to do this: Create a RTV for each array index and set ArraySize in the above structure to 1. Create one spanning the whole array. Now you need a geometry shader which selects the appropriate index with the the SV_RenderTargetArrayIndex output semantic. (*) I recommend the former, no need to complicate things ;) (*): Maybe some D3D11.x version allow to do this without a geo shader, I don't know.
  3. There's always an obstacle, isn't there ? Copy won't help, it can't do such things unfortunately. You need to render now. Seems your target is already a render target so you can avoid an intermediate texture (and a copy).
  4. unbird

    1945 game

    Remote debugging with a unresponsive debugger is so much fun.
  5. unbird

    Bumpy World

    Thanks, now I get it. I should have looked at your other entries too. Indeed this seems very suitable for a planet. Congrats.
  6. unbird

    Bumpy World

    Very nice. And curious. Never heard of marching prisms. Marchers usually create a more "ugly" mesh. This one doesn't seem to. Is it from this paper Marching Prisms: Rapid section generation in 3D geological model.pdf ?
  7. unbird

    "Nice" tweakable S-function

    Indeed great resources. I usually use to play with functions, but that desmos thingy is nice. Graphtoy on the other hand allows a more C-like/shader syntax.
  8. You could show the whole code (and screenshots for comparison), maybe we see something. Misplaced renormalization ? PS: As an aside: One can avoid the manuel format conversion (2*n -1, etc), at least with DX11 signed formats.
  9. Blend between vertex normal and bumpmapped according to the road/blue channel ? normalFromMap = lerp(PSIn.Normal, bumpMapped, splat.b); Could give a smoother transition given the splat is fine. PS: JoeJ just beat me to it
  10. Projection, viewport, render target size and windows client dimension (check with GetClientRect) all need to match. Debug if this is the case at the moment of drawing. A graphics debugger can also help.
  11. SV_Positions with w=0 sounds bad, it likely gets clipped. Try v[0].Position = float4(-0.5, -0.5, 0.5, 1.0); etc. instead.
  12. We don't, but here it's set so deliberately to use bilinear filtering for downsampling. Aside: You can use the API to do this, though you won't have control of the filtering: ID3D11DeviceContext::GenerateMips (note the mandatory creation flags for the texture) .
  13. unbird

    Fragment Shader played in Reverse

    Indeed, this particular effect could be very hard to model. You could get away with something similar/cheaper though. E.g. playing with analytic waves and sampling multiple times, or using mipmaps
  14. I wonder if that was made procedurally or even particles. Could be "simple" polar texture mapping, animate the tex coord, use a wrapping/tiling texture and blend ... somehow. To really know, we'd need the source of that game. You should tell what you got at your disposal (language, graphics API or engine), since if you want to go procedural you'd need pixel shader access or something, as irreversible shows. As for procedural: It can be as complex as you want. I recommend a look at shadertoy. Here some examples which I think do something you're after or at least serve as a starting point. Eclipse1 Eclipse2 (PS: I searched shadertoy with the key words plasma, halo, radial, circular and polar. Visually though the best results came back with "eclipse" ) Edit: Here a bare example of what I had in mind above: PolarMappingAnimation . Should have mentioned earler: shadertoy needs WebGL to work. Sorry.
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