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  1. unbird

    c# console snake game

    Or the most successful Turing test to date.
  2. deaf test successful
  3. "What is the best way to microptimize the fix your timestep ? Any tutorials ? Links ? Search engines ?"
  4. unbird

    Dynamic vertex pulling with D3D11

    Ah, sorry, brainfart on my part. I was thinking about an alternative implementation (ala Bilodeau's Vertex Shader Tricks) where the logical buffers are all the same size and padded with 0-vertices - which doesn't need an indirection but just instanceID vbID * SIZEOFBUFFER to get the start. Yeah with compacted buffers you need this conditional discard.   Edit: Do you need 32-bit indices ?
  5. unbird

    Dynamic vertex pulling with D3D11

    Nice. I'm curious: The vertex shader displayed here "discards" vertices above the count, the linked shader ignores the count value. Was there actually a performance difference ?
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