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  1. HDR post-processing order

    Perfect that helps me a lot. Many thanks! Just to be clear if you using luminance for the threshold do you apply exposure to both first in bloom and a second time in tonemapping to hdr Color?   Edit: I try the lerp thing but i don't like it. Every thing will less sharp and got bloom (yes i've played with the value) so back to luminance threshold.
  2. HDR post-processing order

    Well you right but i also do downscale in the bright pass so nothing to save. *cry* Surely you can give me a answer to the main question where to insert luminance adaptation (exp 1 or 2) ?   To your advice i should do something like this?   Thanks X0
  3. HDR post-processing order

    Thanks for your replies.   What i have in mind is something like to take all values above the white point and scale them down. But this is what i currently using: LDR LColor.rgb *= max(GetLuminance(LColor.rgb) - BloomThreshold, 0.0f) * BloomMultiplier; HDR (Example 1) LColor.rgb *= saturate(max((GetLuminance(LColor.rgb) * Exposure) - BloomThreshold, 0.0f) * 0.5f); I also try MJP's lower exposure version but i found it hard to get a good value.   @Styves I think lerp should have the same problem as lower exposure every thing got bloom. I will give it a try. But how can these save a pass?
  4. Hi,   I'm trying to implement HDR post-processing pipeline but not sure which way i should use.   - Which is the best or most used order of HDR post-processing?     - Old days bright pass runs in LDR with a threshold value. However is there a better way to handle this in HDR?   Maybe scale threshold by max white or lower exposure?   - Is it possible to do luma shapen in HDR, because after tonmapping it will also sharp DOF/Bloom?   If so how to setup luma threshold value?   Thanks
  5. floating point value

    Or just try:   3.15 mod 1 = 0.15 3.15 - 0.15 = 3
  7. HDR Blur

    Have a look at: How to do good bloom for HDR rendering
  8. Maybe this [url=""]>Math for computing relative sun direction<[/url] could help.
  9. Have a look at [url=""]FXAA 3.11[/url] on Timothy Lottes Blog and use the PC branch.
  10. Scalable UI

    sry worng thread [img][/img]
  11. Hi, did you already saw this? [url=""]http://www.gamedev.n...13#entry4845213[/url] [url=""]http://www.gamedev.n...depth-into-rgb/[/url]
  12. Pack depth into RGB

    Nice work, thanks for sharing!
  13. [DX9] Anti-aliasing

    Sounds good, but remember that you are using 8 bit for luminance value, may be this will be to inaccurate. For testing purposes try to calulate the luminance on the fly. [code]#define FxaaLuma(rgba) saturate( dot(rgba.rgb, FxaaFloat3(0.299f, 0.587f, 0.114f) )[/code] BTW: if you return 0 at "early Exit" then you can check how good your threshold/edge detection works.
  14. [DX9] Anti-aliasing

    The "early Exit" code is important! Try if(earlyExit) { return rgbyM; }. For the first run also try FXAA_GREEN_AS_LUMA 1 or remove the sqrt from your luminace calculation.
  15. [DX9] Anti-aliasing

    [quote name='DJTN' timestamp='1316987624' post='4865874'] 1. ...... I posted on these forums for help and was told it was for Deferred Rendering only. [/quote] It works well with forward forward rendering.