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  1. 'Nom nation' feedback so far, 'sounds great' (pocket gamer), 'really great soundtrack' (psn stores). A very positive reaction to my music!
  2. New iPad/iPhone game 'mini mix mayhem' just been released. Real unique idea featuring my music. Defo worth checking out http://t.co/3LupvOya
  3. Lost in the world of 8 bit chiptune, a much crunchier age
  4. Can't believe how time see's to fly in London, every other day seems to be a Friday!
  5. Currently on the lookout for an exciting new project, please get in touch if you need some music making for your game…
  6. This is a great review by Edge Magazine of Swindler, a Nitrome game I provided the music for http://t.co/pbN1doms
  7. http://t.co/CDVUh70m 'Ercon' link with user reviews!
  8. Great new game from Nitrome called 'Swindler', featuring my music. Check it out, its a good un! http://t.co/YcYXQsUT
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