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  1. Unity Best Game Engine for Indie Game?

    Quote:It's not a good idea to constaly change game engines (you don't want to become a 3D Realm), but it is a good idea to make the decision and stick by it unless you have no option but to change it. That is what i'm trying to avoid here, because I really haven't done that much my project yet, so I know that I would need to start from scratch if DB will limit the performance. C4 looks interesting, but 300$ is worth months of thinking. Atleast DB is free(although plugins are very useful but not free) Primarly I would prefer 0-100$ program because I'm quite sure that i'm not going to get money from it or do it in future. Just hobbying...
  2. Unity Best Game Engine for Indie Game?

    I'm wondering this too, I thought DarkBASIC was the only game engine beside huge commercial engines(Source liscense will cost you hudreds of thousands dollars so don't recommend it), so I went and started with DarkBASIC(it's free now) but now I think that it is not capable for large scale graphical games. It does offer a graphical features, but not really fast: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSEg31Ug4rQ That is running in 40fps without much happening, add some particle effects, enemies with AI, etc. etc. and your game will be 25fps. I've done "minigames" 3 years now to get used what game making is, but now I've come to point where I'd like to start big scale FPS game, that is up to date with current graphical standards. As I'm doing this Indie, breaking limits is not my point and I know its beyound my reach (Graphical or game mechanical breakthroughts). I want engine that is capable in today standards for game (Motion blur, post prosessing, AA, 3.0 Shaders etc. you see in modern games) 3D modelling is not a problem, I can handle that pretty well to cover a game full of objects and weapons. Multiplayer features aren't needed though. I've already started my game project in DarkBASIC, 1200 lines written for basic movement and animation controlling, but what you think, should I stop with DarkBASIC now before I end up with 10 000 lines of code that is running in 15fps? DarkBASIC is constantly updated(7.5 now), so what comes to dated information, or some engine fanboyism, I'd rather not like to hear that. But I take facts as facts, better is better no matter what the preference is. I didn't ask this in TGC forums(very alive community, every problem has been solved in same day) because I'm quite sure of biased information towards DarkBASIC