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    Which Software Game Engine to use

    Wow! Thank you Frob.  My notion of database, is completely smaller in substance than what the databases you mention can do.  That is really powerful data management that you speak of, no wonder they need their own servers.  I hope that your eloquent post can help others who come across this page.  It certainly helped me to re-think the scope of what I need.  It is a like a person unaware of sizes who goes to a Mc Donald's for a simple coke and the person says would you like a supersize, and the person oblivious t what a supersize is says sure, and then they faint when they see how big it is lol.  I am not certain how funny that was, but thank you so much fr your help.  You have helped me solidify my move to stay away from incorporating a database; I simply do not need it.  God bless
  2. PrayerBox

    Which Software Game Engine to use

    Wow!  You really are a Servant of the Lord, what a wonderful and detailed reply.  I was thinking would I get a response and whamo!  You made my day.  Thank you so much.  You helped me to re-think a lot and offered great information.  You are correct I really am not sure if it is a database I need, because when I used Irrlicht before storing data was sufficient, I just had to code for what I wanted.  The images I have a very small.  So, it seems that since I know Irrlicht, it would probably work again as a starting point, since it allows for what I need to do and has a lot of flexibility.  I am going to read and re-read your post several times since there is s much good information there.  But I wanted to say thank you and may God continue to bless and guide you!
  3. PrayerBox

    Which Software Game Engine to use

    Oh I thought I posted it in the beginners forum by accident, that is why I reposted it here again.  I apologize.  I was trying to delete it completely, but  could only delete the bulk "meat" of the post.  Thank you for your reply.
  4. Greetings.  I am looking for some software / game engine 2D that I can use with C++ that will allow me to do the following: Be able to load images of various layers of different clipart with transparent backgrounds to create one uniform image. These images will need to be placed on specific locations on the screen; especially in order to ensure that they line up correctly on top of each other Be able to have a great database capabilities,  so that I can load thousands of separate images and be able to code which images should be generated based on a user’s request for one uniform image Have some type of GUI interface for users to enter the type of image they want to create I need a program with built in libraries that will allow me to create 2-D environments to place the pictures they create into.  For example some images I my want a black background; others, like if person selects bird I may want a cloud background. Be able to quickly handle thousands of data, and based on a user’s input a specific image will be generate to locate a group of clip art images based on the specification they requested I am not an expert at C++ programmer, but developed a few little games using IRRLICHT game engine; so I do not mind coding, it is just the GUI and the libraries are very nice to have; I do not want to code for things that could be standardized for me People should be able to be able to point to a place on the image and words should describe what is there. I anticipate distributing this product so I would want to have complete licensing rights I could spend up to $500.00 on software / engine program. I am not in need to use a game engine necessarily.  Anything that can do 2d is fine, or handle images Thank you so much! I know this my not be what you typically help people with, but if you can point me in the direction of a software package / game engine that could help I would be very appreciative.
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