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    Robotic race

    The robots were created by a higher civilization as a terraforming tool. They terraform all the planets they encounter to the living conditions of their creators, which happen to be hellish to you. They are tasked to terraform all the planets they see, and you are like a pest to their creators, so any obstruction from you part, such as living in the planet they are going to terraform, is met with violence.   There robots look like tools and construction machiery, because thats what they are. They dont have humanoid shapes, most of them look like vehicles. Also, they dont have weapons, they attack you with powerful tools (their creators are so powerful that just their tools are about as much powerful as your weapons of war).
  2. klefebz

    Different physical attributes for dragons

    You could add other signs other than different sprites. Some dragon could have fireballs that orbit around him, other could have a musical cue that plays when he comes into scene, some other could be related to a type of scenery, they could also have different sprite movements (not animation) that would make them look different without requiring more artwork.
  3. klefebz

    Types of aliens (sentient)

    If you want to group cats, bears and wolves together they would be carnivores (thats their RL classification, order carnivora). Also put reptilians, people like reptilians.   Others can be crustaceans (similar to insectoids, but underwater), fish/whales, plants, fungi, worms, other kinds of mammals.
  4. Caracol Quebracho Chozas Gaviotas   Just take any word in other language and maybe deform it a bit, most real countries are name like that.   Spain means land of rabbits, Germany means land of all people, Nigeria is named after the color black, Argentina is name after the metal silver, America is named after an italian explorer, Cuba means barrel.
  5. My first thought is that it sounds like Minecraft creative mode in outer space.   Now, how do people interact with the world? Is it possible to modify it? Can you create solar systems or terraform planets? From your description I dont really know what does the player do in this game.       Are you assuming other developers dont treat their players as such? Also, are you trying to target the game to women specifically?   If you want to treat the player as an intelling being you should put some mental challenge, like puzzles or something. If you want to go for the emotional aspect, put something the player can relate and attach to. I think its hard to attach to some stars, planets and space phenomenon, unless they have inhabitants, but I could be wrong.   Finally, what other games have you played before?
  6. klefebz

    Name for a game where you are a dictator

    Put a picture of a mock-up Fidel Castro in the cover and-, wait, no, Tropico already did that.   Use a mock-up Hugo Chavez instead.
  7. klefebz

    New here with an idea

    I havent played Towns so I dont know its mechanics. From he screenshots it looks a bit similar to Dwarf Fortress.   From what you wrote I get you dont have much experience in programming, so I would recommend you to introduce yourself in the beginners subforum and ask for guidance.
  8. Do you know The Movies? It is a film studio tycoon/machinima maker. The game concept was really good but the implementation lagged behind.
  9. klefebz

    Designing a [Minecraft] RPG system

      I mostly agree with you, although you seem to contradict yourself - You first say Mage is a odd race due to it not being a race normally, then say that Dwarf and Elf should not be used due to it being used often in gaming.   Although its true, Dwarfs and Elves are used all the time...   With the mages I meant that it is often a class (used very commonly as well) and it would be confusing to have them as a race. You probably think of a race of mages who are born with magic like in Harry Potter, but personally I would invent another word for it, just to make it clear that the people with magic is a race and not a class.
  10. klefebz

    Designing a [Minecraft] RPG system

    Of the races you named Mage seems to be the odd one. I would think mage is a class. As for dwarf and elf, maybe you should reconsider them. The adventage of dwarves and elves is that they are established in gaming and players can guess what they are about, however they have been heavily overused, and Minecraft has always been praised for its originality.
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