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  1. 1am. Got up to turn fan on but turned heater on instead equals Fire alarm and annoyed residents. :-\ other than that, trip going well!
  2. Let's see. Drove wrong way down highway, had my car searched for drugs by police, trunk suddenly opens; doesn't close. Not bad for day 1.
  3. Heading to Austin, TX for GDC. 10 hour drive but I got some RCHP, Stones, Sinatra, Spektor, & Feist to keep me company.
  4. Big fan of Guy Collins' silent film shorts. http://t.co/4wKtI18s Lag is also a really good one. Also: New PBF http://t.co/vXJGeWDK
  5. This is weird that the CNN crew for the WM3 is walking distance from my apartment. CNN guy is staring into the camera again. 0.0
  6. There needs to be a word for procrastination caused by the pressure of procrastination. My HTML5 game is right there & I'm on twitter.......
  7. Part of me wants to go to QuakeCon. Its hard to justify the costs to be an alien @ a LAN party. But then again, SkyrimCarmakDoomIVPoker, no?
  8. I love how the word "YAY" looks like a pin headed robot raising its hands in the air. Holla! http://t.co/ZjFRzAo. Used Paint [No judging!]
  9. Had one of those moments last night that they used as examples of what not to do in Sunday School. I regret nothing.
  10. At the IGDA Austin picnic!
  11. Put in a hard day's night for Chicago. I take pride in the fact that I have yet to find good solutions online, so I reinvent the wheel.
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