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  1. Resume Help

    I've removed the color all together, added a note about moving to the top. I think this resume is significantly better than what I started with. Thank you so much!
  2. Resume Help

    Hey Frob, Thank you for your feedback. I think you made some excellent points about my resume, so I've revised it and hopefully, it's quite a bit better. I'm going to go ahead and address each thing you mentioned, along with some questions. Thank you for your time. [quote name='frob' timestamp='1325494102' post='4898892'] Summary line: Cut it to one line so HR knows which pile to put you in. Skills and toolsets: Cut the entire section, it is useless for employers. Search related posts for expanded comments to why. Employers have no way to know if an item was a three-day experiment, or a book, or a training course, or professional work with many years of experience. Show what you have done, don't simply tell what you used. [/quote] Good point. This has been done. [quote name='frob' timestamp='1325494102' post='4898892'] Both Current Job and Aldor jobs look good, expand on anything game related. You mention specific actions, specific results, and technologies used to reach those results. That is an example of showing rather than telling. Add more. [/quote] I've tried to expand on that a little bit with current job; talking a bit more about the specifics of implementation. There really isn't much to add to the Aldor stuff. [quote name='frob' timestamp='1325494102' post='4898892'] Where is a link to the 3D Pong Room? Again, both game projects need to mention specific results along with how you used tools and technologies; show, don't tell. [/quote] I've added a portfolio link. [quote name='frob' timestamp='1325494102' post='4898892'] BS SENSOR JUST TRIGGERED --- graduation date in 2011, but you have seemingly professional work history dating back to 2005. WHY? Was this intern-level work being masquaraded as advanced work? Or were you hired professionally and going to night school? When you said you were the "programming lead", that tends to imply something totally different, was it a hobby project leader or leader of a student group, and not what is usually meant by professionals? [/quote] So, I'm extremely lucky in this regard. I knew a guy who was able to get me hired to Aldor & later, my current job. Both jobs scheduled around my coursework (working 25-30 hours a week) but it was professional work. It's given me a clear advantage when it came to university projects. As soon as a graduated, I was hired full time and the only thing that's changed is my task sheet got 25% bigger. I've modified my resume to try and reflect this. On the programming lead, this was the title that my group gave me. Basically, I decided how we were going to implement everything technically and gave direction to other programmers on the team. I would occasionally review their code & try to instruct. I had a question about this in my first post, but I'll ask again: I've developed RESTINCT with some students of Columbia as well as Alum. The game wasn't used for any class credit, I'm finishing it after graduation, and we plan on selling it. I wouldn't think it would be a "Student/Hobby Project", but is it? Who should I say is developing the game? Currently, I've got: "developed by a team from Chicago's Columbia College." [quote name='frob' timestamp='1325494102' post='4898892'] I'm curious how you will resolve that last item with the graduation date. Every employer who looks at the document will have several questions when they notice that, possibly enough doubt to push it out of the 'to interview' stack. If you were working full time professionally at the same time as going to school, you may want to include how you managed to keep your hours up at both, as that by itself is an accomplishment. If those were intern-level or part time jobs, make that clear as well. [/quote] I've added that the work was part-time/full-time and how many hours I've worked on each job. I'm not sure if that's the correct way to do it, but I couldn't find anything in the forums. Again, thank you so much for your feedback. I've re-uploaded revised copies of my resume and any additional feedback is appreciated. Thank you! Edit: Resubmitted resumes with additional detail
  3. Resume Help

    [left][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4][color=#282828]Hi Folks of GameDev![/color][/size][/font][/left] [left][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4][color=#282828]So, I've just recently graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science & I'm ready to start hunting for a game development job. I've come to you in hopes for a little advice on my resume. I hold some very high respect for the advice found on this forum.[/color][/size][/font][/left] [left][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4][color=#282828]I'm really focused on getting any game related job, but my hope is that it is something web-development related or something in Unity3d. I have quite a bit of experience in both of these. [/color][/size][/font][color=#282828][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]My biggest concern is that I haven't filled out enough personal projects or my lack of any game modifications.[/font][/color][/left] [left][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif][size=4][color=#282828]I've attached the resume in both PDF & Doc formats. I appreciate any and all constructive criticism.[/color][/size][/font][/left] [left]Also, I have a direct question about one of the games I've developed for: RESTINCT. I've developed it with students of Columbia as well as Alum. The game wasn't used for any class credit, I'm finishing it after graduation, and we plan on selling it. I wouldn't think it would be a "Student Project", but is it? Who should I say is developing the game? Currently, I've got: "[font=Arial, sans-serif][size=2]developed by a team from Chicago's Columbia College."[/size][/font][/left] The website for RESTINCT is currently in progress but will be finished by the time I've sent the resume to companies. [left][color=#282828][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Thank you very much![/font][/color][/left]
  4. 1am. Got up to turn fan on but turned heater on instead equals Fire alarm and annoyed residents. :-\ other than that, trip going well!
  5. Let's see. Drove wrong way down highway, had my car searched for drugs by police, trunk suddenly opens; doesn't close. Not bad for day 1.
  6. Heading to Austin, TX for GDC. 10 hour drive but I got some RCHP, Stones, Sinatra, Spektor, & Feist to keep me company.
  7. Big fan of Guy Collins' silent film shorts. http://t.co/4wKtI18s Lag is also a really good one. Also: New PBF http://t.co/vXJGeWDK
  8. [web] Gameloop

    [quote name='LorenzoGatti' timestamp='1317811319' post='4869339'] I don't know what your Timer class does internally, but if it simply calls the update and draw functions once per frame I can't imagine how it could contain wasteful processing or indirection. The common ways to use timers inefficiently are drawing more frames than needed, busy waiting, and performing updates in too many unnecessarily small timesteps, all three of which are highly implausible if you use setInterval or requestAnimationFrame. Can you post code? [/quote] Yeah, sure. I might be overly concerned with performance, worrying about things that won't effect it much. Here's the settimeout version (having problems with requestAnimationFrame): [code] Engine.Time = function () { this.timeBetweenFrames = SECOND / 30; this.previousTime = 0; this.delta = 0; this.customEvent = document.createEvent("Event"); this.running = false; return this; }; Engine.Time.prototype = { Init: function () { this.previousTime = new Date().getTime(); this.running = true; this.customEvent.initEvent("Update", false, false); var self = this; setTimeout(function() { self.Update(); }, this.timeBetweenFrames); return this; }, Update: function () { if (this.running == false) return; var currentTime = new Date().getTime(); this.delta = (currentTime - this.previousTime) / SECOND; // Constant this.previousTime = currentTime; document.dispatchEvent(this.customEvent); var self = this; setTimeout(function() { self.Update(); }, this.timeBetweenFrames); return this; }, Stop: function () { this.running = false; return this; } }; [/code]
  9. Hello! I am creating a HTML5 game engine & I have a few questions regarding the game loop. Note: I'm not really looking for the most accuracy, nor do I care about compatibility. I'm looking for the best performance. 1. setinterval vs requestAnimationFrame? I understand the differences with regards to timing, but is there really a good argument to use setinterval over requestAnimationFrame? 2. I created a Timer class that uses one of the above methods [requestAnimationFrame for now] to call Timer.Tick() on a set FPS. I need Main.Draw() & Main.Update() to be called on each tick. Would performance take a hit if a "Tick Event" fired off each time the Timer.Tick() was called? Listeners would be set up in Main to listen for each "Tick Event" and fire off the Update/Draw function. Thank you very much for any advice!
  10. GDC Online! ... ?

    [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1314125421' post='4852890'] [quote name='dbgamer' timestamp='1314113674' post='4852815'] I definitely want to pick the one that I would learn the most valuable knowledge from. So I'm leaning towards sessions. Looking at the summits and tutorials, it seems like I wouldn't get as much out of it. [/quote] Do they not have the all in one pass thingy? [/quote] They do, but it's about $200.00 more than the session pass, which is over my price range.
  11. GDC Online! ... ?

    [quote name='Tom Sloper' timestamp='1314071144' post='4852635'] 1. It doesn't matter. You do networking in the halls, on the stairs, out on the sidewalk. 2. No. Make sure you have a business card. And do [url="http://www.sloperama.com/advice/lesson54.htm"]the networking tips[/url]. [/quote] 1. Sounds good. I can just focus on what I need to know then. 2. I'll definitely be doing the networking tips. I've been reading yours and Darius Kazemi's this week. Thanks again Mr. Sloper. [quote name='way2lazy2care' timestamp='1314102343' post='4852751'] I would suggest against the game career seminar as iirc it only lets you be there for 1 day and it's the 1 day that there will be 200 other kids running around bugging people. The other two are more a toss up, and I only know which passes give the most benefit at GDC in SF. Is there a convention as well at GDC online and can you get into that with any of the passes? Does the main conference pass include summits and tutorials? For GDC I believe it does not, and they have a pass that gets you into both. How much can you afford? Have you looked at which summits/tutorials vs main conference sessions are actually going on? Pick one that seems most applicable to what you want to be learning. As much as it is about networking you're wasting a great career development opportunity if that's ALL you're getting out of it. [/quote] It seems like the structure of GDC Online is pretty similar to GDC in San Francisco (main difference being the direction of content). I'm only either going to the sessions or the summit/tutorial passes. The tutorials seem like they are introducing people to new technologies. ([b][font="Arial"][size="1"][color=#339A92][url="http://schedule.gdconline.com/session/5898/%28203%29_Unity_Track_Day_%28Presented_by_Unity_Technologies%29"](203) Unity Track Day (Presented by Unity Technologies)[/url][/color][/size][/font][/b]) The sessions seem like they are building on those who know it ([color=#2B619D][b][font="Arial"][size="1"][color=#2B619D][url="http://schedule.gdconline.com/session/6081/Building_a_Multithreaded_Web_Based_Game_Engine_Using_HTML5%2C_CSS3_and_JavaScript"]Building a Multithreaded Web Based Game Engine Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript[/url][/color][/size][/font][/b][/color]) I definitely want to pick the one that I would learn the most valuable knowledge from. So I'm leaning towards sessions. Looking at the summits and tutorials, it seems like I wouldn't get as much out of it. Thanks for the advice!
  12. GDC Online! ... ?

    Hello all! Looks like GDC Online is coming up soon. I'm trying to figure out which pass I should purchase. This depends heavily on a few things: [list=1][*]I'm going to be looking for jobs in Austin in December. It would be nice to have connections before I start looking. Which of the following passes would you suggest for networking?[list][*]Summits & Tutorials[*]Main Conference Sessions[*]Game Career Seminar[/list][*]I'm going so I can learn some of the tricks of the trade. I've been working with a lot of HTML5 & Unity3d lately & would like to pick up some tips from people who know what they are doing.[/list]My gut instinct is to go for the Main Conference Sessions because there is a good amount of material there, not to mention that I'd be around professionals. However, you guys may have a different opinion? Is it rude or less effective to network around the main sessions? Perhaps the tutorials are better suited for my field? I appreciate any feedback. Also, hope to see you at the GDC! Thank you.
  13. This is weird that the CNN crew for the WM3 is walking distance from my apartment. CNN guy is staring into the camera again. 0.0
  14. There needs to be a word for procrastination caused by the pressure of procrastination. My HTML5 game is right there & I'm on twitter.......
  15. Part of me wants to go to QuakeCon. Its hard to justify the costs to be an alien @ a LAN party. But then again, SkyrimCarmakDoomIVPoker, no?