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  1. The Game I'm working on an arcade-like space shoot'em up in top-down view, using 3D graphics, such as for the player and enemy spaceships. There is not much environmental design planned (like planet surfaces or something), as most levels would take place in the space. The game is being developed using Unity, the target platform is the PC (Windows, Linux, macOS). It is not planned to make much money with that project, if at all. I'm looking for An 3D artist, who mainly designs the enemy spaceships and possibly some other minor 3D models if needed. I have all possible enemy and boss space ships as small 2D sprites (most of them are 32x32 pixels), so the 3D artist could take these as the reference for the 3D models. But we might also introduce completely new enemies. As I don't plan to make much money with that game, if at all, the position might not be paid, or a one-time payment might be agreed. My attempt to 3D modelling I tried modelling the 3D spaceships myself using Blender, but I'm not completely satisfied by my skills. Especially I'm lacking adding details to the 3D model. I'm looking for somebody who's better doing that job than me. On the left you see the original 32x32 pixels sprite I have on my computer, on the right my attempt in Blender making a 3D model of it. All available 2D sprites have the same artstyle. Contact If you're interested in the position or have any questions, either reply to this thread or leave me a personal message.
  2. Hi Lucas, I'm an experienced developer, who is also interested in making games. Just like you, I have some rough plans for some games, and together we might do some nice games. I can provide programming for Unity and possibly any other engine, if desired, making some music and basic 3D using Blender.
  3. I generally see two ways, I'd reommend you. Either, you use tools like Unity or Game Maker, which - as far, as I know - support mobile devices and allow you quick game development, or you choose the same way like I used and start developing PC applications first. I have never really done Java, I rather started with C++, so I wanna suggest you my personal way how I got into game development: Write some basic "command line" application in C/C++ with stuff like printf or using std::cout to understand how to work with the language itself. There are possible ways for Java as well, but I have never really worked with it. Decide yourself whether you wanna continue with Java (on the computer) or try C++. If you got some basics working with C++, the next step would be to create a "real" window on the computer, draw something there and react on user input. I recommend you the SFML library, as it is really easy to use. You find good tutorials on the homepage about all these next steps. If you kind of understand how everything worked so far, you should learn about the general specifics of the mobile platforms - such as Android apps are usually coded in Java and iOS apps, I think, in Objective-C. At least for Android I know you can use C++ code (more complicated then pure Java for Android) using only a bit of Java as "glue code". If you like Lua, you could first try to use Lua on a PC app, embedded in a small C/C++ application. Lua is really easy to embed in a C application, and I think, there are good binding for Java (Android) and Objective-C (iOS) available. That way, you could write just the basics (such as draw something on the screen) in C/C++, Java AND Objective-C and make these functions available to the embedded lua scripts and then write most of your game in Lua; you could use frameworks like Corona too, which already did all that for you, I guess. If you really want to start with mobile development (and not trying some stuff on the computer itself), I'd recommend you to use Unity etc. as mentioned first or at least use some an IDE like Eclipse and focus on one platform first (e.g. Java Android).
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