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  1. damn you guys, you were supposed to feel pity for me. or tell me to go to the psychiatrist or something. But you're being cool and that's NOT HELPFUL. At least I'm not crying anymore. I'm such a pussy. smh
  2. I really need to get banned from here and from facebook and everywhere. I should pack a bag and go starve for a while.
  3. Listen. I think I'm awesome. I cannot get that shit out of my mind. I've tried everything, I've put my life on risks you couldn't imagine and I'm still alive. I believe there are stuff, angels or loas or whatever that are after me, and over all of them there is God. The worst thing is that I can function perfectly, I can make people want to listen what I say, people defends me without them giving me nothing in exchange. I've been trolling this forums lastly because I feel I need to learn a lesson. I NEED SOME FUCKING SOMEONE TO TEACH ME A FUCKING LESSON FOR ONCE. Violence cannot make it. Fear of loosing someone or stuff doesn't make it because I already got rid of that. I think I'm fucking lost. Yes I did church like for 3 years and they would stare at me like if I was Jesus. FUCK THEM. I am a fucking person who doesn't seem to fit anywhere and I'm too fucking proud to commit suicide, I'm so fucking lost. I don't know WHAT ELSE TO DO.
  4. [quote name='rip-off' timestamp='1309170348' post='4828178'] [quote] I can't imagine someone coming into a game with the sole purpose of ruining someone else's fun. [/quote] There is an entire personality set of people who do just that. Not just in games, but in forums too. [/quote] You'd be surprised how many shades that reality has.
  5. [quote name='The_Neverending_Loop' timestamp='1309145597' post='4828101'] [quote name='owl' timestamp='1309141654' post='4828082'] ...... This was about the comet that is going to pass 12.000 miles from earth today. Discuss. [/quote] [img]http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110217001626/callofduty/images/d/d9/FUUUU.jpg[/img] So what iam basically trying to say is.... that that's a little closer than I would care for.... [/quote] I'm sorry. I'm, all of a sudden, sober. What do you mean by this and more importantly: To whom?
  6. See you on Thursday! Hopefully! This was about the comet that is going to pass 12.000 miles from earth today. Discuss.
  7. [quote name='Durakken' timestamp='1309137804' post='4828065'] This isn't math. It's English. And it isn't about being 100% correct in the first place. It is about getting someone answer and making them understand it. Sometimes that requires dumbing down and simplifying the concept. [/quote] And sometimes it is about not making an scene and leave the stage with some dignity. In my case sometimes it's about ridiculing myself and blame the booze, but well, from funny to sad and back there is just a step.
  8. doodly doodly remix just cracked me up! [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2][quote]LYRICS: -------------- -CHORUS- DOODLEY DOODLEY DA DEE DA DEE DOO! DA DEE DOO DA DOO-DOO! x 8 DOODLEY DOODLEY DOODL - ... DOODLEY DOODLEY DOO x8 -CHORUS- x2 DOODLEY DOODLEY DOO (Echo fades out)[/quote][/size][/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2] [/size][/font] [font=arial, sans-serif][size=2]RFLMAO![/size][/font]
  9. if the moving sprite collides with it's left/right sides resolve first for x first and then for y. If it collides with its top/bottom sides resolve for y first and then for x. Else, just push away along the velocity.
  10. It never had occurred to me that one could make such an argument from the IF and WHILE statements. OP: Your question, that at first looks silly for the experienced programmer made me remember that time when I wasn't experienced myself thus the big battle was to stop completing the voids with imagination and start filling them with actual knowledge. From my experience, that journey is totally worth it. Keep up the good battle.
  11. jbadams is right! Thanks Michael for trying anyway!
  12. Your approach was bad design from the beginning. Still I'm happy that at least it offered you the opportunity of learning something completely unrelated to your problem.
  13. [url="http://www.gamedev.net/topic/502040-sdl-get-pixel-color/"]http://www.gamedev.net/topic/502040-sdl-get-pixel-color/[/url]
  14. You should get all the sub-bitmaps that represent each character and all the pixels in them, check which pixel is of the original color and replace/adjust it with your desired color. If the characters aren't that big and you only need two colors (or three if you need a neutral one) you could just have a set of characters of each color and be done with it. my 2c
  15. [quote name='The_Neverending_Loop' timestamp='1309034874' post='4827684'] Its funny I have the similair interest in those 3 type of hobbies, Music, Art, and Programming. I think sub consiously we are probably attracted to them because we [b][size="4"]secretly[/size] [/b]want to be a one man game development team lol [/quote] Secretly? I'd say that's rather obvious!