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  1. Also get on facebook and find local communities that meet physically, it might be a way to meet some like minded people.   Do your self a huge favour and look at fiverr.com, you can get some graphics done REAL cheap. We've had some good luck on there.
  2. daveodonoghue

    Could you give me feedback on my first game?

    Excellent game. Make an iPhone & Facebook version with Facebook connected high score ladders. Get it on the app store!
  3. daveodonoghue

    Help with some game design issues

    Considering it's an iPhone game you can make use of the gestures. Make each of the melee attacks activate using different gestures. Swipe up is upper cut, swipe down is hammer fist, swipe right is lunge bite, swipe left is swat the enemy. Then make each of the buildings or opponents resistant to certain attacks so the player has to learn to mix it up. You could even make some building require a hammer fist to unsettle the walls then a swipe to bring them down. Not doing the correct combo will result in the monster being hit by the building and reducing health. Each of the attacks might not destroy all the time, the swat could just make the opponent push back and do minimal damage but you structure the level so that the player has to swat some creatures away because they need to deal with the faster moving ones first and the one they just swatted needs multiple attacks to bring it down.
  4. daveodonoghue

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    It feels more cluttered than the old system. Would like less information being available by default. Post headings are enough for me, if the poster don't make good headings then bugger em.
  5. daveodonoghue

    Indie developer needs your help :)

    Game looks great. Did you blow the budget or were you expecting it to be 200k+? I almost bought straight away but then I remembered I'm on MacOSX.. I'll try the demo virtualised... if it works, I'll buy ;)
  6. daveodonoghue

    Are my goals realistic?

    1) No such thing as a realistic timeframe when it comes to passion. Just keep doing it until it's done. 2) Since you have no experience I'd highly recommend not going into the deep end, you'll lose interest quick smart. I started my programming days making fake viruses with Visual Basic 5 to scare my father then moved onto a cool program called Adventure Game Studio. http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/ It'll let you make a 2D adventure game which should suit your horror theme and means you don't have to worry about 3D yet. 3) Learning the programming language is easy but learning how to use it to do what you want is the hard part. Using simple game making tools allows you to slowly introduce yourself to the process of making games which will prepare you for when you start using more advanced tools. Forgot to say: Good luck!
  7. daveodonoghue

    Advertising your game for next to nothing

    Quote:1&3) Forum posts and IRC are a BAD idea. You specifically said "I'm not sure it's ehtical ... just a short little spam message". Doing it on IRC is a quick and easy way to get your site under a DDoS. Forums tend to delete your posts, ban/suspend your accounts, or in some cases encourage counter-attacks if that is their culture. Not only are the spams very inconsiderate and possibly illegal, it is a great way to get yourself shut down by hackers. Yeah, IRC does seem pretty bad but you may be able to find certain channels that allow the behaviour. But forum posts are a winner in my eyes You have to make sure you follow the rules of the forum and check out other people’s posts to make sure yours isn't over the top. Most development forums have a showcase or announcement topic and a lot of gaming forums have a similar topic that allows discussion of indie games. I've had some good feedback from forums and you usually get the truth because of the whole anonymity thing. Quote:9) That sounds like your earlier #4 and #6. I'm trying to list specific things rather than general ideas. Quote:Being an old-fashioned kind of person, I would recommend the more traditional marketing techniques. Direct targeted marketing to those who are interested. That means press releases to the press, asking for reviews by reviewers (which often includes payment for their time), offering discussion (not spam bombs) on appropriate discussion board, and paying for product placement in genre-appropriate locations. Ok, I've changed the topic title to include "for next to nothing". Obviously spending some money on advertising is a good thing but it'd be good to try all low cost options before spending your advertising budget.
  8. Hi All, I'd like to talk about advertising your iPhone game. I've read so many posts such as "27 ways to advertise your game" and "Make your game sell by doing this" but they always tend to be generalised ideas rather than specific tasks you need to do to advertise your game. I haven't released my game yet but I'd like to share my ideas on how I'm going to advertise and see if anyone has some better/different ones. 1) Forum posts I'm currently posting on as many forums related to my game as possible and making sure I include the correct keywords in the title: <Company Name - Game Name - Platform> I'm also making sure my signature contains links to my website and various social networking sites. This has definately increased my ranking on google but it also requires upkeep. I like to make sure I reply to posts and update screenshots/links when updates happen. To do this on the ever increasing posts I use a program called CheckNGet which checks all my posts every hour or so to see if the page has changed by a certain amount (x lines or y words etc) so I know which posts to answer. Here's the website, I haven't bought it yet but I think i will: http://activeurls.com/ 2) Submitting to Indie Game, Game News, Game Reviewers and Game Press, Related topics (our game is a monster truck game so we send information to Monster truck websites) I've started sending information to reviewers and game news websites which essentially does the same thing as forum posts but obviously to a broader market (people who don't use forums). 3) IRC I'm not sure it's ehtical but I plan to log into various IRC channels and spread the word when my game is released (not flooding, just a short little spam message in targeted gaming/mobile gaming channels). 4) Social Networking (Facebook) I'm adding everyone I know or think I know on my facebook page and sending out regular updates on the progress of my game. I'm even adding the people that I grew up with that completely hate me, I believe they will probably be more interested to see "what that dick head from school is doing" than the person who has no idea who I am. Could result in a sale... 5) Tutorial Videos I'm trying to create tutorial videos about specific processes or areas of my game that I think warrants a tutorial. This might help generate some interest in the company's brand which could lead to sales based on people being familiar with the brand. 6) Real life Promoting This isn't a definate but I'd like to try printing out a wearable poster and walk down the busiest mall in my city with scantily clad women (ok ok, they'll probably be my sisters but people wont know that!). Would try to convince passerbys to download the game onto their iphone then and there. 7) Holding a release party The obvious one, supply free booze and have your family and friends come over to download your game on release night so that you can climb up the rankings quicker. 8) Local News Send in an article to your local newspaper. Releasing a fully fledged game when coming from a small town can sometimes be good news if things are slow for them. 9) YouTube Reviewers & Television Film an interview of yourself and provide promotional material to every tv show that might have even the smallest chance of being interested, obviously send out information to as many youtube reviewers as you possibly can. Soo... that's my current strategy... anyone got some ideas? [Edited by - daveodonoghue on January 4, 2011 5:32:52 PM]
  9. Updated post with new video, screenshot and description.
  10. Ok, I'm trying to add boat building to my fps game. I've built the functionality to actually build the boat using materials but now I need a way to make it float based on it's components. It doesn't need to be realistic just fun. Here's how I'm thinking of doing it, let me know if you have ideas about how to improve on this, please bear in mind I am very bad and maths and physics so the idea is based on the little knowledege i have. I'll use a more complicated example to explain the theory as I need to make sure the idea can handle many different shapes of boats. Here's a boat with two hulls: Known Factors: 1. The mass of the boat is known due to all the materials having individual weight 2. The center of mass is known due to all the materials having known positions and weight The Theory: 1. Determine the bounds of the boat by finding the min/max vectors of all objects that make up the boat 2. Calculate volumes by ray casting down, left, right, front and back (not up) every 1m2 for 1m. If the ray cast hits another raycaster or hits part of the boat then those squares are combined to create a group, if the ray cast hits the air then that group is not valid. This will give me 3 groups, 1 for the cabin and one for each hull. 3. Calculate bouyancy across groups: using the center of mass, gravity and the bounds I can figure out which volume will sit lower in the ocean if there were no forces impacting the hulls then I can fake the percentage of bouyancy that would be gained or lost based on the amount of displacement the surface could create if fully submerged using the amount of squares the volume uses, this should give me a boat that will sag in areas if the boat was designed poorly. 4. Adding forces: the groups will only receive bouyancy forces if they are actually touching the water which will allow the cabin in the middle to give weight to the boat but wont help keep it afloat until the cabin actually hits the ocean line. 5. Sinking the ship will depend on a lot more raycasts to see if holes exist but I plan on doing these overtime in a thread, doesn't matter if the boat doesn't react to holes immediately. Also, I need it to be quick so that I can check the bouyancy after collisions with other objects and hull breaches.
  11. Your fans are waiting for you... they are willing you to destroy everything in sight and cause ultimate destruction! Drive your truck to it's limits and destroy everything in sight to gain the applause of your fans! Monster Truck Destruction provides the most thrilling and destructive gameplay on the iPhone, everything can be bent, broken and utterly destroyed when you smash and crash your way through every challenge. But be careful! The crowd wont be truly happy until you have destroyed everything, including yourself! Try to gain as much points as possible then run your truck into the biggest and baddest obstacle you can find and give the crowd a real show, smash yourself to pieces! Features: - Full destruction, everything on your car can and will bend and break off, even your chassis! - Challenging stunts, earn points by jumping, rolling, spinning, two wheeling, bunny hopping your way through each challenge. Get extra points by stringing tricks together! - Leaderboard, try beat your friends.... and enemies! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter New Development Videos & Screenshots! [video=youtube;rPVGSBMiYOU][/video] [video=youtube;hplFPmPP25w]http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hplFPmPP25w[/video]
  12. Here's some background before the question: I'm developing a game that is action-puzzle orientated but it uses a real-life theme (destruction derby). The game is not a destruction derby game, it's more of a novelty game involving the player trying to do stunts/tricks and generally smashing things up. I've used real-life objects but I oversize them to make them comical... Also, it's for the iphone so I don't have lots of room for lighting effects etc. Here's the question: Would you prefer to see crisp, colourful cartoon graphics or try to create as realistic graphics as possible? (eg, RealRacing or 2XL Offroad) I know cartoon graphics will look cleaner but damage/explosions/sparks looks better with realistic graphics. What you think?
  13. Lol, downloading... Will review soon.
  14. daveodonoghue

    Absolutely FREE Sound Library

    Definately recommend BASS, I use the BASS.NET wrapper in my blind computer interface software, it's extremely easy to use. Never tried it for games though (always use a game engine).
  15. daveodonoghue

    Measured Progress

    Both seem the same to me but B is more recognisable. A = Check the last time Update function was to run B = Check the amount of time the last frame took to render. I use B but as long as your "Update" function is part of your game loop then it doesn't really matter either way. void main() { float lastUpdate; // These should be somewhere smarter float difference; // These should be somewhere smarter while (isRunning == true) { DoStuff(); difference = Ticks-lastUpdate; lastUpdate = Ticks; } }
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