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  1. glcolor

    Suggestion: Callback for external functions

    And maybe we could load library in similar way just like: #pragma library("foo.dll") and suppose there is a function "void InitializeLibrary(asIScriptEngine* engine)" in the dll, so we can register types and functions in the function.
  2. Thanks for your answers, but there's a misunderstanding that I mean it's maybe a bug of angelscript, not C++. I tested the code in the test project, which is in file test_constructor2.cpp: const char *script1 = "class InternalClass \n" "{ \n" " protected InternalClass() \n" " { \n" " m_x = 3; \n" " m_y = 773456; \n" " } \n" " \n" " int8 m_x; \n" " int m_y; \n" "} \n" "class MyClass \n" "{ \n" " MyClass() \n" " { \n" " m_c = InternalClass(); \n" " } \n" " void Test() \n" " { \n" " Assert( m_c.m_x == 3 ); \n" " Assert( m_c.m_y == 773456 ); \n" " } \n" " InternalClass m_c; \n" "} \n"; The constructor InternalClass() is 'protected' now, and still the same result.
  3. Hi, maybe i met a new bug. Like the code below: class A { protected A() { } } void main() { A a(); } There should be a compiler error as the constructor A() is private to main(), but it works ok.
  4. glcolor

    Strange code works normally.

    as_compiler.cpp line 10679 // If at this point no functions have been identified, then this may be a construct call if (funcs.GetLength() == 0) { bool isValid = false; asCDataType dt = builder->CreateDataTypeFromNode(node->firstChild, script, outFunc->nameSpace, false, 0, false, &isValid); if (isValid) return CompileConstructCall(node, ctx); } change the line if(funcs.GetLength()==0) to if (funcs.GetLength() == 0 && objectType == 0) may solve the problem, hope this will help
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