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  1.   It's not that different. You can always package the JRE into an executable, which achieves much the same end.   Excelsior produces a nifty-albeit-expensive AOT java compiler to simplify the process, or there are a variety of less-friendly-but-cheaper open-source options (GCJ, LLVM + VMKIT, etc.)   Speaking on behalf of Excelsior: We had an $10 charity deal in the end of 2012, have been extending discounts to indie developers and small companies for quite some time, and if your game is non-commercial, you may qualify for a totally free license, like the authors of Culrtis II, Rogue's Tale, etc.
  2. Alternatives to C++

    As others have pointed out, Mono has brought ahead-of-time native code compilation to C# recently, but fact is, it has been avauilable for Java for years. [LINK REMOVED] [Edited by - jbadams on January 20, 2010 12:44:04 AM]