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  1. MyGUI is a cross-platform library for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for games and 3D applications. Website: GitHub: ------------------------------ This release contain huge improvements in Tools and various minor fixes and features in MyGUI engine itself. MyGUI switched from LGPL to MIT license for pretty much same reasons OGRE did a while ago. Also we moved to GitHub and ready to accept your pull requests . Main changes in 3.2.1: Significantly improved and redesigned tools. Some additional events (widget moved/resized, clipboard requested/changed). Possibility to set fixed child widgets rendering order (feature is not fully completed). Various fixes and additional API methods. More detailed changelog. ------------------------------ Download latest source code [~22 MB] Download pre-built tools and demos (windows) [~11 MB]   More screenshots. ------------------------------- We always welcome contributions.
  2. MyGUI v3.2.0 Released!

    [quote name='Mussi' timestamp='1330125610' post='4916364'] The link to the pre-built demos is wrong, it links to the source code instead. [/quote]Thank you. Fixed now.
  3. MyGUI v3.2.0 Released!

    [edit] posted wrong link first [url=""]http://www.ogre3d.or...wforum.php?f=17[/url]
  4. [url=""][img][/img][/url] MyGUI is a cross-platform library for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for games and 3D applications. Website: [url=""][/url] ------------------------------ Main changes in 3.2.0:[list] [*]Improved font display: [list] [*]Decreased texture memory usage (typically by 50% or more). [*]Added support for Windows FON/FNT bitmap fonts and for embedded SBIT bitmaps in TrueType fonts. [*]Added support for overlapping glyphs. [*]Simple text shadows added (optional). [*]Full FontViewer support to load and create new fonts. [/list][*]Added a new SkinEditor tool. [*]Improved the LayoutEditor and FontEditor tools. [*]Made lots of other improvements and fixes. [/list] [url=""]More detailed changelog.[/url] ------------------------------ [size=4][url=""]Download latest source code[/url] [~15 MB][/size] [size=4][url=""]Download pre-built demos and tools (win32)[/url] [~12 MB][/size] [img][/img] [img][/img] ------------------------------- We always welcome contributions.
  5. I added patch in patches tracker in sourceforge, but since there are only few patches I guess it is almost not used, so I decided to copy text here as well. Here's link to patch [url=""]https://sourceforge....752&atid=821100[/url] In add_on/scriptstdstring ternary operator usage is wrong: [code]//bool b; stream << b ? "true" : "false";[/code] The '?:' operator has a lower priority than the '<<' operator, so this is equivalent to [code](stream << b) ? "true" : "false";[/code] and this is equivalent to [code]stream << b;[/code] Proper variant is [code]stream << (b ? "true" : "false");[/code] I'm not sure if current version leads to any bugs, but it is definitely wrong. I attached patch, that add braces for ternary operators in scriptstdstring.
  6. MyGUI v3.0.1 Released! This release contain few fixed bugs, changed license and improved CMake scripts. No API changes was made and this release is highly recommended for those who previously downloaded MyGUI 3.0.0. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- Version 3.0.1 ------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------------------- -- License -- - in LGPL added exclusion for static linking for possibility to use MyGUI in apps for iPhone - all Media except some files created not by MyGUI dev tean is licensed under MIT now -- Core -- - Refactoring to reduce the possbility of bugs (based on info from static analyzers). -- Renders -- - Support of textures created inside Ogre (wrapping of existing texture) -- Widget -- - added getCaptionWidget to Window: retun pointer to Window caption for text control (fonts and it's size) - RenderBoxScene fixed - fixed bug with Disabled widgets that was rendered as not disabled -- Managers -- - added log message if skin used for widget wasn't found. -- Utility -- - fixed loading on non-existing textures for widgets picking -- Wraps -- - New option to generate wrappers with CMake -- Plugins -- - optional AwesomiumPlugin and HikariPlugin option added to CMake config -- Resources -- - fixed bug with incorrect font rendering on some old videocards : TrueType font now rendered into R8G8B8A8 on videocards that doesn't support L8A8 (OgreRender)
  7. Quote:Original post by Endurion -All samples crash on exitPlease look at MyGUI.log and Ogre.log and check for errors. Or just show me those logs. Quote:-Umlauts don't work (to be expected, but I do seem to get invisible characters instead)Well, it works, but to get it visible you should add codes for your characters in font config, because first we render font into texture and then use this texture for texts. And of course we can't render all characters there, so only selected characters is visible, other replaced with whitespaces. And after all - we have experience with using chineese character in MyGUI, so any character can be used in it. Quote:Original post by Endurion -Numpad keys work as numbers even when NumLock is offThis is bug in OIS (cross-platform input system used in demos by default). Demos can be compiled with win32 input and with it Numpad works as it should. Quote:Original post by Endurion -In the gui sample you can drag the child windows outside the main window (and therefore never back in)Looks like bug in demo, not it gui itself. Thx for reporting. Quote:Original post by Endurion -Can a window be resized from any border or only the corners?Yes, this is defined in skin. Right not resizing assigned to corners, only four lines needed to add resizing on borders (one line per border). Quote:Original post by Endurion -Noticed with the theme sample: Mousewheeling over a combo box needs focus and also doesn't seem to trigger the selecteditemchanged eventThere are two events. One for direct selecting (clicking on it/selecting from keyboard and pressing enter), and another event for any selected item change. So in demo that you seen was used first event. Thank you for feedback.
  8. Quote:Original post by szecs Very cool! I know this is not the technical side, but edit-boxes always make me wonder, that is there a lib or something that handles the editing (cursor-movement/char-insertion-deletion/etc), or you have to reinvent it? The only lib that we use inside MyGUI is freetype (optional and used for true type fonts rendering), so no external libs for editing or whatever. We did everything. Quote:Original post by szecsAnd how do you do the mouse selection with non-proportional fonts? What do you mean by "non-proportional fonts"? Selection is based in fonts widths and doesn't matter what proportions font have.
  9. MyGUI is a library for creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) for games and 3D applications. The main goals of mygui are: speed, flexibility and ease of use. * Speed: We speed up our system by using our own batching subsystem which combines geometry. It is also possible for the more experienced developers to write their own render system or new subsystems * Flexibility: The library supports plugins that allows you to create dynamically loaded custom controls or subsystems. Most subsystems are expandable with plugins without the need to touch the core code. All resources and settings are described in XML files. It is possible to load resources like fonts, cursors, images, skins, etc. Forms (layouts) via dynamically by using XML files. * Simplicity: The user interface is easy to use and uses delegates (Signals and slots) for easy to use event handling. * Community: 2 main developers working actively on the code (and many not so active :) ) and one more developer working on tools only (there is editor for all MyGUI resources under active development), active community: 2 language forums, redmine installation for tracking issues. The code is open source under LGPL license with exclusion for static linking (details). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download latest version 3.0.1 Download dependencies (OIS and freetype), OGRE 1.7 dependencies could be used instead. Copy Dependencies to MyGUI 3.0 folder and build it (Dependencies/src/MyGUIDependencies.VS2005.sln or 2003 or 2008). Download binary demos. Changelog Screenshots and video ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MyGUI web site Project page at sourceforge Documentation Wiki ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are always open for cooperation. [Edited by - Altren on February 12, 2010 5:44:41 AM]