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  1. school choices

    Well, in the past I have worked with 3d studio max some but dropped it and picked up programming as a new hoby. Right now I'm planning to go right back into 3d designs and animation because I enjoyed it a lot and see if I can fit in some spare time to learning about gaming engines and OpenGL/DirectX. I have done some college courses but not past my associates yet but if I can find me a school that is reputable and will teach me everything I need to know I would probably rather do that.
  2. school choices

    I'm going to guess that someone probably already asked about this but I'll ask again cause I can't find the thread. How do independent schools like Art Institute, Ringling and Collins compare to going to a true university. Say that I got a degree from an independent school and actually did put in the effort to have a good skill-set ready, how would that compare in the real world for me when a company takes a look? Also, are any of these independent schools offering degrees particularly better than others that anyone knows about?
  3. Best place to start

    I am already well versed in C/C++ so I was wondering where would be tthe best place for me to start learning 3d game development. I want to start learning techniques I might find helpful down the road if this were to become a profession. Some things I'm wondering is what engine if any would be best for me to start with, is there any particular reading that would help me and just in general what areas could I study that would help me develop small tid bits of 3d environments that I can keep improving on.