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  1. This is my 5th game on android, and this game is the 4th game made by my little game engine. Please try it and have fun.   [attachment=28338:sss.png]   Android free download  
  2. This casual shoot'em up game is the first release of 15 minutes series free games. I usually create causal games that can finish in 15 minutes if you don't make any mistake. And only free games. Please try it and have fun.   [attachment=28025:25940m_screenshot2.png]   Android Free Download
  3. This is a small touch type causual game I made recently. And this is aslo the first android game created by my cross platform 2d game engine for my son. Gameplay is very simple, just count it off by touch the numbers? and the number will speak by Google tts. Please try it, have fun. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=weilican.countoff
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