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  1. This is my 5th game on android, and this game is the 4th game made by my little game engine. Please try it and have fun.   [attachment=28338:sss.png]   Android free download  
  2. This casual shoot'em up game is the first release of 15 minutes series free games. I usually create causal games that can finish in 15 minutes if you don't make any mistake. And only free games. Please try it and have fun.   [attachment=28025:25940m_screenshot2.png]   Android Free Download
  3. This is a small touch type causual game I made recently. And this is aslo the first android game created by my cross platform 2d game engine for my son. Gameplay is very simple, just count it off by touch the numbers? and the number will speak by Google tts. Please try it, have fun. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=weilican.countoff
  4. Hi,   Sudoku is a simple and interesting game. I play sudoku almost everyday, so I try to create a simple solver that can solve a puzzle step by step like human do. First, I create a console application just for testing, then I port it to a html5 version. Following is a screen shot.   This is a simple program, there are still lots of things to do.     (TRY IT NOW!)   Have fun.  
  5. Some sample games created by a 2D game editor. [media][/media]
  6. 25940m is a small shoot'em up game created by the Good Game Editor 1.1 Beta. It is a sample of the Good Game Editor. I develop this 2d game editor just for fun after work. It is still under development. But at least it can be used to create small games. Control: Movement: Arrows Shoot: Z Menu: ESC Select: Enter Download 25940m Download Good Game Editor 1.1 Beta - [Edited by - waync on May 14, 2010 7:35:25 AM]
  7. waync

    A cute action game UpUp! for iPhone

    Thank you for the review and suggestions!
  8. waync

    A cute action game UpUp! for iPhone

    Now Windows version is free for download! Download Now
  9. UpUp! is a cute and fun platform action game suitable for entire family. Easy, cute and colorful graphics is especially attractive to younger or broader audience, even Mom can enjoy it immediately. UpUp! features Bernie, a little brown cub who jumps the best! In order to become the best jumper in the world, he left the cozy forest for challenging the "Babel of Blocks" - the highest tower in the world. He began to jump up one block after another.. The lifelong dream is waiting Bernie at the top of the tower. However Little Bernie needs to avoid all obstacles like falling evil ball to reach his goal. UpUp! (iTunes Link)
  10. waync

    My 2D shooting game

    This is a short video clip. view
  11. waync

    My 2D shooting game

    Here is my small 2D shooting game, 25940m. Movement: arrow keys. Shoot: Z key. Menu: ESC key. Select: Enter key. Have fun and enjoy it! download
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