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    My First Program

    Thanks again comrades, I'm already reading that book. I'm having some issues downloading Visual C# Express 2010, but I'll try it later. First of all I need to learn the C# sintax. This e-book is very good. It's a shame that there's no version in portuguese, but english will do. Thanks again for the support, you realy put me in the right direction.
  2. Strelok

    My First Program

    @signal_ Thanks for the help man, NOW I know where to start, but I still don't know one thing, I'll explain it: Example: I wrote an algorithm (C#) in notepad++, but how do I run what I just wrote? Do MVS2010 do everything or I need other programs to compilate and do other things before running it? @freeworld Nah, I didn't pay for it yet, but I'm planning. Only if there isn't another software better than it for C#.
  3. Strelok

    My First Program

    Ok, I'm starting to learn my first Programming Language, it'll be C# and I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional. But I don't know how to start coding a program in this software, I don't even know what I'll code to start learning. So, I decided to start with this list: -Calculator -Pong -Tetris -Mario World Copy So, how do I start coding in MVS2010? Do you have any tutorial on this comrades? Thanks.
  4. Strelok

    The Beginning

    Ow man thanks, that helped me a lot. Where I can find a good C# book? Can I use notepad++ for C# programming? Thanks again comrade, you helped me a lot.
  5. Strelok

    The Beginning

    Hi comrades, The name is Strelok, and I'm going right to the point. I want to push my hobby forward and work in a game concept I have. Not alone, but first I have to learn the things. The only problem is that I don't know where to start. The concept is a very simple 2D Tactical RPG. But I don'k know any programming language, and I'm not an artist. I'm a writer. I don't even know theorically how to make an mapgrid for an 2D engine. But I want to learn everything here. So I want to start from the very beginning of all this. First pinking up an programming language to learn such as VB6 or C# and studying it until mastering. But I don't even know what means API or SDK or these other acronyms. Could you help me comrades? Can you guide me? I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advice, Strelok.
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