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  1. Hi, I read an interesting article yesterday about the salary of game programmers in Japan. The link is as follows: From what I understand, all this information has been taken from a popular forum site in Japan. There is some really surprising information there. A lot of people have responded with a monthly salary of under US$2000 a month. I was wondering if there is anyone on these forums who could give a clear picture about the scene in Japan( basically anyone who currently works in Japan for a game company). In some of the discussions after the article one person had posted this link: Salaries in this survey are higher - annual average salaries (Sony - US$ 98000, Konami - US$ 68000 taking 1 USD = 100 yen) Now, I think this is for the entire company and not just programmers. Also the average age in most of these companies is listed in between 35 - 40 so I guess that should be taken into account as well. So basically I guess I want to know how much of all this is true. Is the information from the first link actually true? Thanks, Trojansc
  2. free game engine for c++

    hey guys, thanks for all the replies. ill look into panda3d. One thing i am not able to understand is why most of the engines do not support c++ as the main programming language when c++ is still the most used language in the industry (as far as i know). does anyone have any good exercises to suggest or any other ideas as to how do i practice my c++
  3. free game engine for c++

    hi, I wanted to make a game as a way to sharpen my c++ skills and I was wondering if anyone could suggest an engine to use for this. Having worked on XNA, I know that it is an option but the programming in that is C# and I specifically want to program in C++. The game I am looking to make will be a 3D game. I have also used Ogre 3D so if someone could suggest something else I would really aprreciate it. Thanks, trojansc
  4. hi, let me start of by saying im a student studying computer science at university and looking to get into the game development business. im taking a couple of game development related courses at my college and my experience in them has been great - i enjoy doing it. At the same time i have read many negative things about the industry which i wanted to clarify. 1. salary is less - ive read this on many places online and it seems true enough. according to the recent game dev survey its written that programmers make about $60 k a year. Now i wanted to know how accurate this info is becuase as far as i know non game programmers make 70 k a year after college. so to me the difference does not seem that much. im not sure if im just naive or am i missing some point. id greatly appreciate it if someone whos working in the industry could answer this question. 2. work hours are long - this is another thing ive read a lot about. while ive come to realize tht game dev hours are long what i want to know is whether the work hours in a game development company eat away at an employee's personal life?? I've read at some places online that due to the work load/hours people in the game industry do not get to have much of a social life outside work. i was wondering how true was this. basically i feel that ive like programming on games at my college but at the same time i want to know whether that satisfaction outweighs the negatives of the industry. thanks, trojansc