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  1. As is often the case, another illustrative example is Nethack. After completing the weeks or months or years of ramping up to being able to ascend a character and complete the game, the higher levels of play are ALL ABOUT the "voluntary conducts", many of which have subsequently become recognised by the game. Can you complete the game without welding any weapon? Without using any magic (being illiterate?) While being vegan? Without eating any food? There are dozens of these, each of which requires extensive modifications to a players style, morphing the gameplay.
  2. tartley

    Starting With OpenGL 3.x Using PyOpenGL

    Hey. I'm no expert, but two tutorials to modern OpenGL that look outstanding to me are: An Intro to Modern OpenGL http://duriansoftwar...f-Contents.html Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming Through OpenGL http://www.arcsynthe...ltut/index.html As I understand it, the OpenGL3 equivalent of using glTranslate etc on your modelview or projection matrices is to pass in equivalent matrices as uniforms to your shaders, and do the transform explicitly in your vertex shader. I also disliked that the SuperBible uses those helper classes - it makes me want to read the whole book backwards, starting with the advanced sections where he explains what the helper library is doing. No doubt it is difficult to organise a book on the whole subject such that it is optimal for everybody.
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