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    How To Learn Game Programming

    Quote:Original post by szecslearn the basics of linear algebra, and understand it, understand the geometry, practice it a lot, draw/sketch a lot, and a whole world will open to you. That is all well and good but to most people it's boring. Why would you start out doing something by learning the theory behind it? You start with the fun (making simple games with pre-build libraries) then later on when you understand a little more you start learning those things.
  2. JohnnyDread

    How To Learn Game Programming

    Quote:Original post by X Abstract X Looks good but I think that jumping into a Tetris clone right after writing a Pong clone is a little tough. I had a really hard time getting my head around Tetris. Perhaps a space shooter can help bridge the gap. I agree that its harder, but the only real difference is the advanced collision detection. You have to worry about awkward angles rather then just radius vs radius, which is a good thing leading into pacman (where you have to deal with map based collision).
  3. *** Disclaimer: This thread was created as a redirect for a very common question asked here in gamedev. I do not claim to be an expert, but after going through it myself and seeing the same replies over and over I decided to bump it all into one thread. Any suggestions for this are welcome. *** How to learn game programming Realism First of all stop. You are not going to make that huge mmo you are thinking about, you will not be working on that killer FPS you had in mind, that procedurally generated RTS? Forget about it. For a few years at least. To begin with you are not going to be very good so you have to start small. Which Language? This is one of the biggest questions we get asked here at gamedev and the answer is it doesn't matter. Yes more large companies code in C++ but this irrelevant to you as they aren't going to hire you without at least a few years experience. Once you get good at a language switching between them is not as big a deal as you might think when starting out. I personally recommend either C# or Phython just for the fact that they are simpler to use then some other languages and still very powerful. OpenGL or DirectX? Neither. Newbies put a lot of weight into this question and its not a very important one really. Graphic programming is only a small part of game programming and a pretty boring part at that. To begin with you should be using a library that does it all for you, that way you can learn all about the real code of game programming before worrying about the nitty gritty stuff. I recommend SDL, SFML, Irrlicht or any of the simple libraries that will handle the rendering for you (those also do input and window management which is one less headache when learning). Once you have made a few simple games you can learn either GL or DX, but remember that most game programmer would be able to use both depending on that the requirements for the game are. Where do I start then? Pong. Seriously. This game will teach you about lives, physics, collision, AI, game loop, scoring, leveling and much more. Next make tetris. This will teach you much the same as above but with more advanced collision detection and smarter game logic for the score counting and block removal. Now make PacMan to learn more about AI. Nuff said. Now make a platformer (mario clone) to learn an abundance of new things. If you feel up to the challenge use a physics library and particle effects. *** Side Note *** Do all of your games have sound? Menus? Help screens? Pause? Scoring? Can you change controls? Save? Add all of this to your game to make it really complete. Conclusion Once you have done all of this you are well on your path to a career in game development. You will now be at a level where you know what benefits you will gain to learning a graphical AI (or you might have sense to stay away from them and use a decent engine instead). Either way, you will now have all of the core knowledge you will need to become a game programmer and if you are still having fun then you know that this is the career path for you. Happy coding.
  4. JohnnyDread

    2D OpenGL Book?

    Quote:Original post by zerothrillz No. Generally, people use an orthogonal perspetive. The depth component can still be useful for layering. +1 to that. I make primarily 2D games using openGL and placement on the z-axis is very important to layer correctly.
  5. JohnnyDread

    Simple Boids Problem

    I followed your advice and stepped through my code and found the problem. The algorithm is wrong slightly and doesn't do what it should but the result at the moment is actually better for my purposes. Thanks for the help.
  6. JohnnyDread

    Simple Boids Problem

    I have tried to implement a boids algorithm into my current game, but am having some issues. When the boids code is removed the 100 objects draw to the screen fine, just static, but when I add the boids code they dont appear at all. Code is here: http://pastebin.com/MaVvdPyk
  7. As a beginner who spent months on C++ and OpenGL who then switched to C# XNA, I really recommend the switch. The first few months was spent mostly with headaches trying to work out how to correctly render something to the screen, leaving me with little time to actually develop games. This made me frustrated and stopped me having fun. After switching to XNA I have been developing with it for a month and have made 3 small games, now developing a larger shmup. Everything is much easier as I don't have to worry about the low level stuff (which is good for newbies). Don't get me wrong, I intend to learn DirectX/OpenGL and C++ down the track but for now I want to concentrate on making fun games and have my knowledge grow from there rather then learning things that are way beyond my skill level.
  8. JohnnyDread

    Need some Advice Please.

    For bigger things, fill out the world more. Make the trees leafier, smoother. Add differing tufts of grass around the place so it doesn't look so bland on the ground. Also a big thing in the characters is detail. You have a good model and a great face texture, then the rest of the body seems to be made up of block colors. Give them actual clothes with the illusion of wrinkles, folds, etc. Oh and make the water better :p
  9. JohnnyDread

    Red book, blue book, orange book, etc?

    Looking on amazon it looks like the latest version of the blue book is 1.4, which is awful. You don't want to be reading that, just get the Latest versions of the Red and Orange (3.0 3.1 Orange). Also, OpenGL 4.0 and GLSL 4.0 just got released. So a new Orange and Red book may be only a few months away if your up to waiting. If not, the 3.1 Orange and 1.5 Red versions should be fine because they are very current in what they can do. By the way, on the note of version numbers. The latest GLSL has been changed to version match OpenGL (ie, OpenGL 4.0 matches GLSL 4.0) but before this update it wasn't the same numbers, so OpenGL 3.2 matched GLSL 1.5 But under no circumstances do you want to be learning OpenGL 1.5, its outdated tech.
  10. JohnnyDread

    Concerned about learning game dev in c++

    Quote:Original post by daviangel Only reason to really bother with C++ is if you plan on programming for the iPhone. Just like with C++ you'll have to learn to clean up after yourself since there is no garbage collector to clean up after you on the iPhone either :( Dev for the iPhone is done with Objective-C, not C++.
  11. JohnnyDread

    SDL + OpenGL = coordinates confusion

    I said SHOULD, not IS. It can be whatever you want, but the standard setup in 2D is 0,0 in the top left corner, right is x+ and down is y+.
  12. JohnnyDread

    SDL + OpenGL = coordinates confusion

    0, 0 SHOULD be the upper left corner of the screen when using 2D. If you want to use the openGL code you posted above, you first have to change where the local 0,0 is, by using glTranslatef( SCREEN_WIDTH / 2, SCREEN_HEIGHT / 2, 0 ); This will make those new coordinates 0, 0, 0 for the time being, which you can then use to do things like glVertex2f( -1, 1 ); etc. After drawing the object on the screen (ie, after glEnd();) you then pop back to the identity matrix (0, 0, 0 being the top left corner) by using glLoadIndentity(); But remember, everything here is now deprecated and not good to use. You SHOULD be using shaders, but when learning, this stuff is fine. Here is a code example: void draw_square() { glTranslatef( SCREEN_WIDTH / 2, SCREEN_HEIGHT / 2, 0 ); glColor3f( 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 ); glBegin( GL_POLYGON ); glVertex2f( -1.0, -1.0 ); glVertex2f( 1.0, -1.0 ); glVertex2f( 1.0, 1.0 ); glVertex2f( -1.0, 1.0 ); glEnd(); glLoadIdentity(); } (EDIT: For some reason I though you said 2D, but everything I said still stands for 3D, except as you mentioned, 0, 0, 0 should be the middle of the screen (for a static camera).
  13. JohnnyDread

    Creating a wheel in OpenGL

    I had a similar problem yesterday (drawing a circle) and after some help in the gamedev chat created this little function, maybe you can modify it to use 8 triangles. glBegin( GL_TRIANGLE_FAN ); glColor4f( 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 ); glVertex2d( 0, 0 ); // This draws half the circle int tempX = -10; while ( tempX <= 10 ) { glVertex2d( tempX, sqrt( 10*10 - tempX*tempX ) ); tempX++; } // This draws the other half tempX = -10; while ( tempX <= 10 ) { glVertex2d( tempX, -sqrt( 10*10 - tempX*tempX ) ); tempX++; } glEnd();
  14. JohnnyDread

    Banned in #gamedev

    I don't use pirated software, It was said as a joke.
  15. JohnnyDread

    Banned in #gamedev

    Hello. I am a new member here on the forums, but have spent the past couple of weeks in the #gamedev chat room in irc. My knowledge about game development has increased 100 fold since joining the room and have grown to know some of the people within. Unfortunately today, a user was having an issue and I foolishly pointed them to a torrent website, not really thinking about what I was saying. It is in this thread that I offer my sincerest apologies, I did not think before I typed and made a silly mistake. Without access to the chat I know my knowledge with game programming will greatly suffer and am furious at myself for allowing this to happen. So this is my plea to please have my ban lifted. I understand that what I did was wrong and will always think before typing in the future. If there is anything I must do/can do before the ban is lifted I will gladly accept. Thank you for listening and I hope you reconsider the ban. Please either PM me or reply in this thread. JohnnyDread
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