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  1. Bones game online

    http://bones-game.online/ This game is a simulator of a board game. The main target of the game is to get 1000 points. A player rolls 5 bones (dice) and collects points. Look at screenshots to find out rules of the game. The game provides: - playing online with a bot or a real person - regulations of the game are available inside the client - mouse control (except login part) - check how lucky is your day today - balanced rules The history of the Bones Game Online: Once in a cold winter night at the Polar Circle when the electricity was turned off a couple of guys have decided to play a board game. They have decided to mix different board game regulations to clarify their game rules. As a result of this the game became exciting. In a couple of years the balance of the rules became perfect. Players enjoyed the rules of the game but there was one small problem: it was impossible to play if a player is alone. Therefore, 8-th of April 2016 a board bones game became Bones Game Online.
  2. fixed horrible error with registration
  3. Hello Looking for people to test the server and the client. The game is a simulation of a board game. http://bones-game.online/ Regards, Alexandr
  4. Looking for Unity developer.

    I did not get what do you mean. I am looking for a person who can write a client.
  5. Hello   The project required Unity developer. The problem consists in writing the client (s). The game is based on the bones (dice). There are a text client on Ubuntu and win32.   My part is the server side.  
  6. NoserLand

    The game is about mice living in a Kingdom far away where some citizens of the Kingdom stepped into a web of intrigue against the Queen.Once Noser and his aunt come to the Kingdom looking for a job. Noser's small adventure starts from this moment. you can see gameplay here https://youtu.be/DACGpZkGg3o Websites: http://noserland.itch.io/noserland  
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