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    [pygame] sprite - jump method

    Hello everybody, yes, as Ironhorse already said I am working with python and pygame. Thank you for all the input !! I will try to get it working and then let you know again. best regards, djtschke
  2. Hello everybody, I made a sprite object for the player character in a side scrolling jump and run. Now I want to add a method that is called when the space button is pressed and then moves the character sprite up and down again one time. I just have no clue how I do this and would be very glad if someone could give me an impulse into the right direction. best regards, Djtschke
  3. djtschke

    pygame: fit background to resolution

    Ha, solved it myself. has to be: [source lang=python] image = pygame.transform.scale(image, ((im_width * sf_height / im_height), sf_height))
  4. Hello everyone, here is my problem:´ I have coded a scrolling background. The window size of my screen is 200x100 and the size of the background image is 300x100. The scrolling works fine and everything. Now I wanted to code a method that scales the backrgound image proportionally when the window size changes. Somehow the image won't scale. Here is the main code of the scrolling background test: import pygame import engine screen = pygame.display.set_mode((200, 100)) pygame.key.set_repeat(1, 1) running = 1 level_1 = pygame.image.load("bg2.png") level_1 = engine.scale_to_resolution(level_1, screen) background = engine.background(level_1, screen, (0,0)) background.draw() while running: for event in pygame.event.get(): if event.type == pygame.QUIT: running = 0 elif event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN: if event.key == pygame.K_RIGHT: background.scroll_right() if event.key == pygame.K_LEFT: background.scroll_left() pygame.display.flip() and here is the code of the scale_to_resolution() method: def scale_to_resolution(image, surface): im_width, im_height = image.get_size() sf_width, sf_height = surface.get_size() pygame.transform.scale(image, ((im_width * sf_height / im_height), sf_height)) return image thank you for your help !! best regards djtschke
  5. Hello everybody ! Here another newbie question: I coded a while loop to scroll the background of my windows to the left when I press the right arrow key. What I actually want to achieve is that the background scrolls while I am pressing the right arrow key and stops when I release the key. I experimented with if event.type == pygame.KEYUP but I won't get it work. Here is the code for the left scrolling: elif event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN: while event.key == pygame.K_RIGHT: x -= 0.2 y = 0 screen.blit(bg, (x, y)) pygame.display.flip() I hope somebody can help me (to be honest I am sure :) ). best regards, djtschke
  6. I am still using pygame 1.8.1 for I encounter problems when trying to compile version 1.9. So that is the reason, thank you ! I didn't quite understand what you meant as a solution for my scrolling background. I am still pretty new to python and programming generally. Thank you very much !
  7. Hello everybody, here my two questions: -is it possible to rotate a blited image around another point that its center using pygame.transform.rotate ? - I tried to make a scrolling background for a sidescroller using the Surface.scroll function. Python tells my there is no such function ? Why that ? best regards and thank for the help djtschke
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