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  1. Quote:Original post by Buster2000 u are only 24 why is it going to take you six years? If you pull your thumb out there is no reason why you couldn't be in a job in a year. Hahaha. I am incredibly sorry about the exaggeration, it was merely a statement saying I'd still be aiming for what I want to do even if I hadn't succeeded within that time, which I am almost certain I will have by then. [EDIT] You are a wonderful person for having shown me this site (www.gamedevmap.com) and I too will be using this site extensively from now on. It is absolutely great to have had so much help within 1 day of signing up to these forums. But enough words, it's time to get down to doing all of that, I'll report back later to discuss what actions I have taken, and if those actions are not enough, feel free to chastize me on my ineptitude... of course, also feel free to tell me what I'm doing right - Can't spend all my time on negative criticism.
  2. I have tried getting into low level programming, however not many jobs are available in that area due to the recession and all. It doesn't and hasn't stopped me from trying, but does somewhat hinder my chances of success. I haven't GOT a job in retail yet, but seriously in my position I have no right to be picky and am looking towards it at the moment. Also the whole entry level statement? That wasn't something I said out of despair, but in fact something I said out of saying "I'd prefer a lower paid job doing what I want to do, rather than doing something that I've never truly been interested in but receiving a higher pay for it. It is not as if I have a social life to support, and it also not as if I particularly care either. -I have NEVER cared about pay as long as it's able to allow me to continue working in the direction I want to go... Maybe there are several people here interested more in higher positions and better pay in the industry. But as far as I've always seen the gaming industry, I've always seen it as more work, longer hours, less pay, and quite often unpaid overtime, which unphases me. The longer I'm unemployed the more suspicious it's going to look on my record. And yes, I have attempted entering at the sound / music composition level, but there aren't many slots open at the moment. Most of the positions going so far around this country are mostly graphics work (be it 3D or not) and concept art related. Although another part of why I signed up to this forum is to try and hit the hidden job market through contacts in this forum. As I mentioned I don't exactly have the time to be sitting around job hunting anymore, and would rather take up any job offer just to earn that little bit, but also to actually make myself employable for any programming job or composing work ONCE the oppourtunity provides itself. Sure maybe when I said 30, it was a slight exaggeration, and the UK is indeed crawling its way out of the recession, meaning my chances of employment are skyrocketing, but I have a family to support as they are going through a crisis at the moment. I do hope you understand when I am applying for retail as it gives me a large chance of employment as that particular job market is plentiful at the moment, but I am in no way giving up looking for a relevant job. In fact for the past 6 months I have been adamantly standing by the fact that retail will not help me get anywhere, but in doing so I was only letting my pride and arrogance get to me. You are right about how I spent many years getting the wrong degree, and I am entirely to blame for that, and I need to rectify that as soon as possible. It is not a music degree either, and seems to be more closely connected with Electronic Engineering. Given the halfway jumps aren't realistically possible at the moment - I am instead creating stepping stones to reach my goal, and I assure you nothing you say, even if you look at me as the lowest form of indecisive trash who has had it coming for ages, will stop me from wanting to reach it. That being said, given the manner in which you slated me for my current actions, you do seem rather confident yourself... by any chance do YOU have any contacts that could possibly help me - either in the relevant direction or even an individual looking to hire OR is that where your ability to assist comes to an end? Given any help would be appreciated. [EDIT] Thank for your earlier reply Tom. I am indeed working on a portfolio of work in my spare time outside of studying and looking for a job. However I am also a perfectionist and believe anything I have done so far simply does not wow nor impress. Once I am satisfied with my abilities I will gladly present it for employment purposes. [Edited by - Ken Igaki on February 11, 2010 2:24:07 AM]
  3. First I'd like to introduce myself given this is my first post, and it'd be a little rude of me just to jump straight into asking for guidance without a few formalities. My name is Ken, I'm 24 and I've already gotten a degree in Music, Multimedia and Electronics... however this is not the correct degree for breaking into the gaming industry as I have only specialized in programming hardware electronics and composing music (and mainly full orchestral at that). Given how competitive the gaming indsutry is, it is not surprising that I have been turned down many times. I have always wanted to work in the world of gaming but have always been chastised by my relatives since I was young, leaving quite a deep psychological scar and making me rather indecisive in my choices, leading me to take poor choices both at school in terms of academia and University degree. Even now I am harassed by my relatives and treated as a failure due to what I want to do. However I wish to leave that in the past and go head first into studying what I've always wanted to do now... well that and juggling a job in retail, which is my comeuppance for being so indecisive, but given this has always been my lifelong dream, I won't be quitting halfway through any time soon. Currently I am not in the financial situation, given family issues and having to repay my previous student loan back, to take another degree and would like the assistance of a Computer Science graduate to guide me through which textbooks I should purchase, and systematically what they learnt, and what exercises and coursework they were given at University, so I can take up the same practices like a "Pseudo degree" of sorts, whislt I work up the money to pay for a proper degree (and not only that, it'd work up a portfolio of work to be able to access the degree I want to take in the first place). As for entry level pay at an age of 30 or so? That hardly phases me at all if I'm doing what I want. I do apologize however, for not having made this post sooner, as if I had made it sooner, I wouldn't have put myself into such a situation as I am in now! It is strange putting my lifelong ambition in the hands of complete strangers on the internet, but I have a strange feeling and confidence that I'll get more support here than I ever will from anyone I've ever known. === That being said and done, to make this a bit easier for anyone not wishing to read a large wall of text... I'm asking for help on: 1: Help from Computer Science graduates or anyone with a relevant degree 2: Relevant Textbooks and an outline of the course they took at University 3: Case examples of what they had to achieve in university to attain that degree. I do hope I'm not asking for too much. [EDIT] Oh and just to be sure, if there is any concern regarding my ability for academia, especially regarding calculus and general mathematics, there shouldn't be too much trouble there - however I may be a little rusty in some areas... but nothing a little revision won't fix. [Edited by - Ken Igaki on February 10, 2010 2:36:23 AM]