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  1. i am considering studying game art & design there. http://www.artinstitutes.edu/ i would like to know your opinion about that school, do you know any good or bad things about it?Anyone studied there?
  2. what degree and which college

    Quote:Original post by way2lazy2care There are very few good game design programs. A lot of the stuff you'll learn will be self taught or learned online. Biggest tip is to do whatever it is you want to do in your spare time. If you want to do level design, get UDK and make some levels. If you want to program, make some games. If you want to do art, draw/model/animate. yes i understand what you mean and i also think that is the best method for learning but in order to have a chance for an interview you need to have a resume with a bachelor degree, if you dont have one you may never even make it for an interview. so i would like to know from which colleges in game design degree you ll have the more chances being invited in an interview? i would just wanted to know a few colleges that are known in the game industries a lot and have a good reputation.
  3. Hello i am 17 year old(soon to be 18) and i will be graduating from high school around june. i live in greece but i can move to us or england in order to study in a college. The job that i would like to do is game designer, i know that u dont need to have a specific game design degree to become one but i would prefer to study game design in a college because i want to study something i am passionate about. 1)From what i ve seen, if u are going for a bachelor in game design the lessons u do revolve around,basic to medium 3d animation,basic to medium programming, and generally deep theory about games. Am i correct? please correct me if i dont know something correct. 2)i ve seen that many game designers have a 4 year bachelor degree in commputer science. what exactly u learn if u are studying computer science? because i think it as an alternative certificate if i cant find a good game design school 3)since i am mainly thinking about a game design degree i would like to know which are the top accredited schools at us or england. i have found a few of them but i ve also seen that a few colleges like westwood and iadt arent really accredited and that it is really difficult to find a job with a certificate from these colleges. So i would like to know what schools teach a 4 year bachelor degree in game design and you get a worthy bachelor certificate. i dont want to go to the wrong school and suddenly after 4 years see that my certificate worths nothing. also what is the difference between the natinal and regional accreditation? because i ve heard that only reginal accreditation schools are recognized by all other colleges and universities as well as employers 4)since finding a game design job right off college graduation is almost impossible, starting from QA tester is the only way,a)do these years u work as qa count as game design expirience? b)i ve seen most jobs require u to have a released title, since QA tester help a lot in the production of a game is it valid to tell that u worked on a title that is out?c)for how long u will need to work as a QA to sometime climb to game design job?(any speculations?)d)how much money you earn from this job? thanks in advance [Edited by - Wolfy on February 13, 2010 9:19:50 AM]