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  1. A tile system... for a sphere?

    Beside using some ico sphere, there is another way to do it. It might work or not depending on the kind of game you are implementing.   Have your classic 2D tilemap with squares. Make it wrappable. That's it if you got to the end left you will come back to the right, etc.. Like Asteroid but make the camera move instead of the player. Navigating through such a space already give a 'sphere impression' because if you keep going in a direction at some point you will come back to your initial position. It's not 100% accurate though because if you go in diagonal the path would be longer than if you go in a straight direction.   Then the trick is to use a spherical vertex shader to make the 2D plane looks like a sphere. The idea is to rotate each point in function of their distance from the center of the screen. There is not much about it on the web but it's not difficult to implement if you know a bit of GLSL.   The nice thing is that all the logic is very simple because it's still 2D however it gives to the player the illusion that he is playing on a sphere. Here is a proof of concept (a project that I sadly abandoned) : http://www.zappedcow.com/sphere/
  2. Exploration of 1D games

    It's quite interesting to think about games that use a single dimension game space. For example take a look at Swords and Soldiers ([url="http://www.swordsandsoldiers.com/"]http://www.swordsandsoldiers.com/[/url]) it's quite a fancy game. However most of the maps use a single dimension game space were units move on a line from castle A to castle B. So basically if you remove all the graphical elements from the game, it could be represented using a single straight line with units and builinds on it. Each unit/building would have a 1D coordinate that gives its position among the line. I'm pretty there are many other games that, behind fancy graphics, hide a simple 1D game space.
  3. Hey good idea you have there! Do you know scratch (http://scratch.mit.edu/) ? It's a kind of "visually represented programming language". It could give you some ideas.. [quote name='Denis_Smetnev' timestamp='1343432382' post='4963801'] What do you think is better: making a game that supports common languages (Python, Java, etc.) OR invent some interesting way to implement coding without... actual coding? [/quote] Both! Have a visual tool that people can use to generate code. People can also directly write this code, or use the editor and tweak the generated code. This way you support all kind of users and all use cases
  4. [quote name='Vero' timestamp='1343319832' post='4963353'] Whats the best way to creating a sprite in openGL, right now I would simply load a series of textures and when moving as time passes the textures would be rotated over the GL_QUAD to look like walking, Is there a better/ cleaner way to implement this in a 2d environment? [/quote] Most 2D game engines use texture atlas (google it if you don't know it). The basic idea is to create one big texture containing all the sprites (enemy anims, player anims, projectiles, ...) and then use uv coordinates to map regions to the quads. The big advantage is you have to bind the texture only once for all the sprites which is a huge performance gain. Actually this is more less like your idea of rotation the texture. [quote name='Vero' timestamp='1343319832' post='4963353'] How would I go about creating transparency on parts of the texture? I've tried to implement a few examples of Masking but so far I haven't had any success, would I need to use something other than .bmps for this, e.g. .png [/quote] Yes simply use the alpha component of PNGs. Good luck with your game!
  5. Mmh yeah what do you mean by slower and slower? Frame rate is going down (numbers) ? As others said I doubt the problem is in driver/hardware. How is the CPU/memory usage of your process evolving?
  6. 2D tile-based space shooter ideas

    [quote name='PhilObyte' timestamp='1343340914' post='4963449'] -What is the goal of the game? Say "Kill X enemies in Y minutes" is boring. [/quote] If you wander through the enemy station which is a maze-like structure why not say the player has to find and destroy the power source of the station? Best way to shut down the whole station and protect the earth [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] Thoses power sources can be protected by various enemies and mecanisms so they are like mini-bosses. [quote name='PhilObyte' timestamp='1343340914' post='4963449'] -What structures do you have to destroy with your missiles? [/quote] From my understanding you want to have weapon A for enemies/turrets and weapon B for structure. Imho this is a bad design because it doesn't give a real choice to the player. I would go with the classic A is the bread and butter, B is the limited nuke that can save your ass. About destroying structures (tiles) I did worked on a similar concept, didn't wen't further that the prototype stage through. In this game there was no enemies but only small blocks (tiles) with different properties (breakable, unbreakable, turrets, etc..). The player had to destroy the blocks to find his way in a maze-like structure. Some turrets were surrounded by unbreakable blocks so the player don't have the choice to dodge the projectiles. On the opposite some were surrounded by breakable blocks so the player could destroy the blocks to finally destroy the shooter. [quote name='PhilObyte' timestamp='1343340914' post='4963449'] -Are Items/Powerups a good idea? [/quote] Yes they are [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] I would start with powerups only. Items can be later implemented later if you want to add an 'RPG layer' to the game.
  7. 2D with 3D, or just full 3D?

    [quote name='goldblaze' timestamp='1342580744' post='4960311'] 2D game engine with 3D things in it [/quote] This is rather confusing to me :/ Did you meant that the game logic/rules will be 2D (i.e. cannot got up and down while flying) but the graphical representation of the game state would be done with 3D graphics? Cannot agree more with Ashaman73 about feature creep. One year seems a bit long maybe you can set yourself shorter intermediate goals like interactive demo in 3 months, pre-alpha in 6, etc..
  8. Inventory Screens...

    If you can have more than one inventory tab then the tab buttons would go there. Do not forget to put the close button in the top right corner. Aside from that you can have a sort button and a label to indicate the number of free slots (used/total). I'm sure not sure those would be good on top. Maybe used/total label is better on bottom and sort button + search box together on top?
  9. Embarking on the big one.

    [quote name='mekk_pilot' timestamp='1342161118' post='4958667'] I know this probably comes up here a lot, but what IS the best way for a person with little technical skill to get into a design position on a game? [/quote] Create a board game or a card game.
  10. [font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]Duels of the Planeswalker uses pre-defined decks and is quite successful (saw it high in the Steam charts a few times). However it's more like a gateway game to teach Magic to the non initiated players.[/font] [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Back to balancing. Start simple, design the core cards using a simple formula ala sunandshadow. Play alone against yourself or with few friends to get an overall feeling. Then add metrics to the game so you know which cards lead to a win, which cards don't, which cards aren't played, etc... AI vs AI could be a solution to gather such statistics however I think real players in closed alpha/beta is much better.[/font] [font="arial, helvetica, sans-serif"]One last thing, more like a random though I believe the future of online CCGs lies in social game hybrids (what Shadowera misses btw). Recently plenty of CCGs have been released on Kongregate and most of them use such model. The most successful being Tyrant, my personnal favorite being Kingdoms CCG. I recommend you to go check the "CCG" tag on Kongregate it can give you a good overall idea of the market and the competition ;)[/font]
  11. Multiplayer Replayability

    Just noticed I have been rambling on my last post, sorry about that. Another aspect related to MMO is the fact that the items, resources, levels or whatever you acquire during the game is permanently stored on a server. It is not stored on your local machine and will stays as long as the game lives. I think this gives a feel of reality (as opposed to virtual things that can be erased) and makes collectibles much more valuable to the player.
  12. Multiplayer Replayability

    Grinding, grinding, grinding. Sad truth but I think it is all about that. Speaking about social game the principle is simple. Accumulate 10 woods you can build an house. Good now accumulate 100 woods and you can build a bigger house. This can go like that for a very very long time. Just give players then envy to build houses (goal) and then they will give lot of value to woods (resource). Looking at the friend system that they all implement, I think it is very smart business wise: "You are gifted 10 woods if you invite a friend into the game." So basically your players will do all the marketing for you. "Friends gift woods to each other every day they connect." Your players will keep going back because they are socially involved. If you are lucky they will get addicted and pay some cash to get those might gems.
  13. What about a victory point system? The game ends when a player reach X points. He is the winner. Other players are ranked, which is good because everybody 'gets something'. An interesting aspect is that the game will be self-balanced because everybody tries to put down the player that leads the score. The more victory points you have, the more difficult it becomes. Victory points can be earned by defeating opponent, creating certain structures, exploring the world, helping an NPC, gathering X resources, etc... This open the door to many different play styles and a feeling of freedom because everybody can choose is own objectives.
  14. Spell Systems with Depth

    This topic has been brought to the forum many times (try to search for 'spell system' or 'magic system'). However your idea of gathering/storing/transforming energy is pretty neat! My concern is about how the spell is cast, is this done on the fly? What I meant by 'on the fly' is taking Fireball 1 as example, the player is required to perform 4 action (a, b, c, d) to cast the spell? This could quickly become overwhelming unless you find a very smart input system (drawing system is bad imho). Another way would be to have an editor screen where you can edit/test/tweak the spell. The created spell can then be linked to a button that the player can press to launch the spell. This would reduce complexity and prevent from the 'oops I killed myself' effect. I don't think this is what you are looking for but just throwing the idea.
  15. Zo!D

    Hey let me introduce my first game! [attachment=8037:zoid_logo.png] [url="http://www.zappedcow.com/zoid"]http://www.zappedcow.com/zoid[/url] Zo!D is an experimental game made with [url="http://www.processing.org"]Processing[/url]. It is minimal, made mostly of circles and provides a simple yet (hopefully) addictive gameplay. It run on any Java enabled browsers. Here is a screenshot, keep in mind this is a minimal game ;) [attachment=8036:zoid.png] It is still not 100% complete however I would be really glad to get some early feedback/though. Also do not hesitate to report any issues. Roadmap: -bonuses (like invincibility) -online leaderboard