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  1. How Much do You Plan to Support Windows 8/Metro?

    [quote name='tstrimple' timestamp='1351500069' post='4994979'] It has been established that the article you referenced is out of date. You are also confusing two aspects of Windows 8. There is Windows RT, which is designed to run on ARM devices, primarily phones and tablets. This is not designed to be anyone's primary device! Some tablets, and laptops / desktops running x86 hardware will have full desktop access and not everything will have to go through the store or certification process. Why isn't everyone up in arms that you cannot install steam games on iOS or Android? This is the exact same thing except for the fact that Microsoft also has support for the "mobile" (metro / modern) apps to run on desktop machines. That means you can pretty much write it once (depending on the features you leverage), and run it on the phones, the tablets and the desktop. However to paranoid fanboys, Microsoft is just a large company which must be doing evil stuff, so clearly they are going to act [i]against their best interest[/i] just to inconvenience people. It's probably worth noting that I've been running Windows 8 on my Macbook Pro for months, both in bootcamp and in Parallels. I have not purchased a single application through the store yet. I can run everything on Windows 8 that I can on Windows 7, and for the most part it runs better. [/quote] I was hoping this point would be made, the idea of the Store is really just so that the WinRT version can gain attraction. Windows 8 Pro will just be Metro and a Windows 7 subsystem..All your programs can run on it, and the Store is only a means of getting "other" apps.. Microsoft is just trying to create their own ecosystem here, I think all the concerns and worries are misplaced. I too have been running Windows 8 on a desktop and none of these fears have risen mainly due to the fact that I can run desktop applications..that includes GAMES! It's crazy how the gaming paradigm has shifted, there never used to be this notion that in order for your game to gain attention, you'd need to use a "Store"..It seems its only an excuse to not think about marketing, since the stores rating system will do that for you..pity..I still play games that didnt require a store for me to know it was popular.