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    a lot of strings causes assertion fail

    Ok, i get it. Thank you. Looking forward for future releases with some approach to fix this issue.
  2. I run my script which use a lot of strings and after several runs my app crashing with this: source/as_scriptengine.cpp:5893: int asCScriptEngine::AddConstantString(const char*, size_t): Assertion `stringConstants.GetLength() <= 65536' failed. It seems like buffer overflow.  I don't need strings i pass after script will be executed but library still retain them. How i should clean up string cache to make it work?     Version of library is 2.30.2. I run script like this: std::string section = "usercode"; asIScriptFunction *pfunc = nullptr; if(module->CompileFunction(section.c_str(),code.c_str(),0,0,&pfunc) < 0) { return 0; } asIScriptContext *context = requestContext(pfunc); context->Execute(); context->Unprepare(); pfunc->Release(); .   Example of my script array<string> huge_array = { "1", "2", "3", ... // lots of strings here ... "9999", "10000" }; foo(huge_array);
  3. deTDM

    V Engine

    Engine and "Subway Car" demo has been ported to Mac OS X. Download the demo We'll release updated evaluation kit soon. Stay tuned.
  4. deTDM

    V Engine

    Hello everyone. We've release a new version of V Engine. New evaluation kit http://sheid.net/eval/eval-kit/ Also, we created a little demo called "Subway Car". Download: http://sheid.net/demo/subway_car/ A some of new features: 1) Added SSAO 2) Support for Bullet Physics Library 3) Node list 4) Texture coordinates animation 5) New atmospheric scattering algorithm 6) More stability and perfomance 7) Changed script language - from Lua to AngelScript 8) More functionality in world editor. 9) Improved terrain rendering. 10) Little code refactoring. 11) Added a lot of samples to SDK. 12) Update of documentation.
  5. deTDM

    V Engine

    V Engine[color=#000000][font=verdana, arial, sans-serif] Description: V Engine is a modern 3d engine which simplifies the creation of virtual three-dimensional worlds. Engine provides many advanced graphics technologies: HDR rendering, FFT water, atmospheric scattering, post-effects, soft particles, GPU skinned animation, lightmaps, parallax, normal and specular mapping, anaglyph stereo 3d, GUI (Unicode, TTF, Ogg Theora are supported), sound (OpenAL), script system (Lua), network, WYSIWYG editor etc. V Engine is written in C++ and runs on operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7. [/font][color=#000000][font=verdana, arial, sans-serif] Official site: http://sheid.net/ Blog: http://v-engine.blogspot.com/ Short description: http://sheid.net/vengine/ Full feature list: http://sheid.net/vengine/features/[/font] GAPI: OpenGL API: C++, Lua Toolset: World editor, mesh viewer/editor/converter, resource archiver, dds converter and 3dsmax plugins. You can try evaluation kit before purchase. Download If you have any questions, you can contact us via email: [email="support@sheid.net"]support@sheid.net[/email]
  6. VG Metro 2.5 VG Metro 2.5 Genre: metro simulator GAPI: OpenGL Programming: TDM (lead programmer) Art: Gild (lead 3d artist), Deni and others Sound: Gild, TDM Release date: February of 2010 Way of distribution: freeware The official site: http://vg-metro.ru/ Download: http://vg-metro.ru/index.php?module=articles&class=articles&configId=3&id=7 File size: 187Mb Description: This is a continuation of simulator, which action occurs in the underground. There are 13 stations, 8 simple tunnels and one reverse tunnel. This simulator also has outdoor location, three new cars, completely equipped machinist’s cabine, and train control is more approached to the real (discription in readme.pdf). If you have any problems, we advise you to install the video codecs (its in folder codecs) and last video drivers, or try to restart the application. Questions and offers about the engine you can send to vgengine@gmail.com Questions and offers about the project you can send to vgmetro@km.ru Donate(webmoney): Z870006092973 R820569492557 Screenshots: http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/1.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/11.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/12.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/423.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/45345.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/5.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/8.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/9.jpg http://vg-metro.ru/images/im/2.jpg [Edited by - deTDM on February 22, 2010 3:28:01 AM]
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