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    a lot of strings causes assertion fail

    Ok, i get it. Thank you. Looking forward for future releases with some approach to fix this issue.
  2. I run my script which use a lot of strings and after several runs my app crashing with this: source/as_scriptengine.cpp:5893: int asCScriptEngine::AddConstantString(const char*, size_t): Assertion `stringConstants.GetLength() <= 65536' failed. It seems like buffer overflow.  I don't need strings i pass after script will be executed but library still retain them. How i should clean up string cache to make it work?     Version of library is 2.30.2. I run script like this: std::string section = "usercode"; asIScriptFunction *pfunc = nullptr; if(module->CompileFunction(section.c_str(),code.c_str(),0,0,&pfunc) < 0) { return 0; } asIScriptContext *context = requestContext(pfunc); context->Execute(); context->Unprepare(); pfunc->Release(); .   Example of my script array<string> huge_array = { "1", "2", "3", ... // lots of strings here ... "9999", "10000" }; foo(huge_array);
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