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  1. Hey guys.   Just wanted to let you know I'm hosting a small contest where you can win a Diamant Tools plugin ($199 US) for Maya so if you're using that software and would like to get this, feel free to head over to the contest's page and read the details:   http://www.solcommand.com/2013/11/win-diamant-tools-plugin-for-maya.html   Cheers.
  2. my new bare bones simple modeller+painter

    You're right, it does look fantastic. You've really got a great art style here !
  3. A few random screenshots

    So how much does it cost to spend a weekend on this island hehe ?    I'll be keeping an eye on your project mate cause I really like what you're going for. I've always liked to go exploring without restrictions in games.
  4. critique my Tower please :)

    I really like the new tower mate. Looking at it brings back some memories as it somehow reminded me (don't know why) of my first strategy game I played, Age of Empires.  Keep up the good work.
  5. New Promo Video - Art Assets in action - [Unity 3D]

    Very nice. I like the art direction you chose for this collection.
  6. Free 2d/3d art assets '09!

    Hey This topic is actually useful so just thought I'd mention my site also if it's allowed. I've got 100+ sci fi 3D models all made by me and most are low poly. All the models that you can download can be used freely in any project, either personnal or commercial. You can use them in their original form or edit them to better suit your style (mesh / texture / name / etc.). [url="http://www.solcommand.com/"]http://www.solcommand.com/[/url] Enjoy
  7. Sol Command's Free Models

    Just noticed you made this topic LancerSolurus, thx :) About "Infinity", I wanted to contribute with some models to that game however they require the ships to have landing gear and I just don't feel like taking the time to redo all my models this way, not even knowing for sure they'll be used in the end.
  8. Models Giveaway

    Most of these models have been done for use in a game called "Freelancer", thus the low poly count. As for the textures, well ,let me say, it wasn't easy :D
  9. Models Giveaway

    I've been doing for a few months 3D models for various game mods and I released them all for public download on my blog. Feel free to use them as you wish. http://solcommand.blogspot.com/
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