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    Applying alpha gradient to an image

      In theory I can use shaders, yes - in practise though I've shied away from them because they seem pretty complex, and I barely have a tenuous grasp on the basics at present.       This is the kind of thing I was hoping for - some functionality that would allow me to draw another texture over the top of what I currently have, but overwriting only the alpha channel and not touching the RGB. I'll have a look at the gl documentation about blending functions and see if anything looks particularly enlightening.
  2. chiranjivi

    Applying alpha gradient to an image

      Thank you for being reasonable about it. I didn't realise it was considered bad form to take the tooltip literally, I'll be less liberal about it in future if it upsets people (not you personally, just in the general sense).     Well, what I've actually done so far is draw a number of sprites onto a LibGDX framebuffer; having done that I'm trying to figure out how take that framebuffer and to 'fade out' its left and right edges, after which I was intending to render it onto the screen over the background. The framebuffer already contains an alpha channel, I'm just unsure how to manipulate it in order to achieve the desired effect.
  3. chiranjivi

    Applying alpha gradient to an image

      The tooltip for the downvote button says 'this response is not useful', which I didn't find it to be. It seems to me like I was using it appropriately, but whatever you say, I guess.
  4. chiranjivi

    Applying alpha gradient to an image

      I'd welcome suggestions as to how I can do that with LibGDX/OpenGL, if you have any. I understand in theory that that's what I need to do, the reason I'm asking the question is because I don't understand how to actually effect it
  5. I have an image that's dynamically generated. I need to apply an alpha gradient to this image so that it 'fades out' at the edges. How can I do this? To illustrate things a bit here are some pictures. Let's say I have an image and a background;     I need to fade in the edges of the image, and then draw it onto the background. If the background were, say, entirely white, then I could 'fake' this fading effect by drawing a pre-created white quad with a linear gradient over the image at each end, like this:   If the background is another image however then I obviously can't do this, because I end up with something like this:       What I'd like to be ending up with is this:     ...but I don't know how I can manage that. I'm using LibGDX if that matters, but I suppose this is a framework-agnostic question really?
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